Case Study

How to IBM employees learnt about career opportunities and in the ON24 virtual environment


Attracting Qualified Candidates to a Growth Market

While IBM has maintained a presence in Africa for many years, the company has recently identified the continent as a future growth market, investing heavily to build data centers, regional offices and other infrastructure. And, while the company has many executives “coming up the ranks” in the region, it faces the short-term challenge of quickly attracting qualified employees for leadership positions in Africa.


Destination Africa Job Fair

IBM’s Enterprise Career Development team developed an internal recruitment strategy to identify prospective employees for its African operations. Working with ON24, they created the live streaming Destination Africa Job Fair, an online virtual event to source candidates for IBM jobs in Africa and connect them with recruiters to fast-track the hiring process.

IBM prepared extensively for the Destination Africa Job Fair by searching its worldwide database of 400,000 employees for those who might have lived, studied and/or worked on the African continent in the past. This data mining included reviewing more than 20,000 resumes. As a result, IBM identified 17,000 employees to invite to the live streaming Destination Africa Job Fair.

The live streaming virtual event was held in November and December of 2011, with just seven weeks of prep time. The Destination Africa Job Fair featured five virtual booths with information on leadership, sales, administrative, financial and technical job opportunities in Africa, representing three major African regions and two IBM business units.

IBM’s virtual event connected to the company’s “Global Opportunity Marketplace” internal recruiting tool. The online job fair offered private, live streaming chats with recruiters, relocation experts and IBM personnel who had recently made the move to Africa. They provided practical advice and answered questions about the realities of moving to Africa.


IBM Secures a Database of Likely Candidates

Careful preparation by IBM created a highly successful event, exceeding all expectations. The Destination Africa Job Fair achieved the following:

  • More than 17,000 prospective candidates were identified by IBM and invited to the event.
  • More than 5,200 employees from all over the world responded and registered, representing North America.