Case Study

How HubSpot generates 6 times as many MQLs with webinars


Changing the webinar playbook

After analyzing data, the marketing team realized many MQLs were coming from its free inbound marketing assessments, which offered prospects feedback on how to improve their websites. The marketing team wanted to provide a similar experience on a larger scale, so they decided to use webinars as a forum for website reviews.

HubSpot created a webinar series with a new format. Instead of showing slides, webinars featured two marketing experts discussing a customer’s website, which was scrolling in the background. Attendees could choose to submit their website to be assessed live on the webinar, or simply watch. The marketing team also invited attendees to sign up for a private, 1:1 website consultation after the webinar.


The right platform for audience engagement

HubSpot successfully launched its new webinar format and strategy with tools available through the ON24 platform:

  • Audience engagement tools. HubSpot shares a link in the ON24 Resources section that webinar attendees can use to book time on sales reps’ calendars via the HubSpot Sales Pro tool.

  • Simulive functionality. With the ON24 simulive feature, HubSpot can pre-record webinars to accommodate the schedules of its experts, but also run live Q&A sessions with attendees.

  • ON24 integration. HubSpot can easily gather and share webinar data between ON24 and its own platform with this integration functionality.



Increasing MQLs with innovative webinars

The new webinar series has been one of HubSpot’s most successful campaigns and has achieved several major marketing objectives:

  • More MQLs. The new webinars generate six times more MQLs for HubSpot’s sales team.

  • More sign-ups. HubSpot partnered with other marketing technology brands to promote its webinars and saw sign-ups increase by three times.  

  • More engaged audiences. HubSpot has seen increased retention rates throughout its webinars and is getting positive feedback from attendees on social media channels.