Case Study

How Deloitte’s team in Poland uses ON24 webcasting


Drive Awareness of Deloitte Services for Upcoming Tax Regulations

Deloitte’s team in Poland was challenged with advising clients and prospects across the region on pending VAT (value added tax) regulation change, set to take place in January of 2013. The goal of the program was to generate leads with new and existing clients, and to create cross selling opportunities for additional services. The Deloitte team had to achieve these goals in a six month period of time, which presented the challenge of = reaching out to a large number of targeted titles, and converting those leads into business before the new tax regulations took effect.


Deloitte VAT Webinar Series

Deloitte chose the ON24 webcasting platform to run a webinar series aimed at educating clients, and new prospects, about the upcoming VAT regulation changes. These webinars provided the best way to engage the largest number of people in an interactive, high-touch conversation that both educated audience members and provided valuable feedback to Deloitte on the needs and interests of their prospects.

Each webinar featured live Q&A sessions where audience members could interact with Deloitte presenters, and real-time polling, allowing viewers to take an active role in the webinar series, providing their feedback on the topics being discussed


Large Attendance, Effective Lead Qualification

The Deloitte VAT webinar series exceeded expectations and played a significant role in driving the success of the VAT campaign in Poland. By planning the events in advance and allowing for weeks of promotion through multiple channels, Deloitte was able to drive high registration and attendance numbers for each of the webinars, achieving over 50% registrant to attendee conversion.

Participation in real-time polling and Q&A provided Deloitte with a wealth of valuable intelligence on the needs and interests of their webinar attendees. Over 300 audience questions were asked and there were 800+ responses to 4 polls.

After the live webinar series concluded, Deloitte made them available for on demand viewing, on the Deloitte website, which resulted in 400+ additional viewers, extending reach of the content and the overall number of people reached.