Case Study

Business Review Webinars


European leader in webinar delivery

Business Review Webinars (BRW), a division of Progressive Digital Media Group Plc, provides free webinars for delegates in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, supply chain, technology and packaging industries.

The company runs more revenue-generating business webinars per year than any other Europe-based webinar provider. Clients pay BRW to sponsor a webinar that promotes a product or service or provides thought leadership on an issue facing its industry. BRW hosts the event live and on demand and provides all of the event’s marketing support while the sponsor creates the content and narrates the session. BRW then delivers to the sponsor detailed attendee data and analytics for its follow-up activities.


Seeking a webinar platform to match live event experience

The company initially used the Citrix GoToWebinar platform to host and run its business webinars. When client sponsors increasingly requested the ability to integrate video and live streaming into the webinar, BRW recognized that the Citrix platform lacked a polished look during screen share and product demonstrations.

So in 2013, BRW switched to Cisco Webex, considered the logical choice at the time as it was widely used for video and screen share. While the platform supported a video webinar well enough, the BRW Sales and Product Development Director felt “well enough” was not sufficient for an industry-leading webinar provider; he wanted to better capture the interactivity of being at a live, physical event combined with the ability to engage with presenters.


An industry-leading platform for an industry leader

ON24 led the very short list of webcasting platforms under consideration, and several features and functionalities fast-tracked its selection.

  • Flexibility of multiple broadcast options. Pre-recording the content and running the business webinars live (simu-live) or entirely on demand satisfies the corporate and compliance requirements of certain industries. These options also allow BRW to accommodate the schedules of live speakers and still meet its aggressive schedule of running 300 webinars a year.
  • Stronger branding through customization. BRW can “skin” the webinar session with the sponsor’s branding, logo and color schemes to create a more professional, polished look. Patented P10 console design, greater interactivity. The vast amount of available widgets and collaboration tools encourages participants to stay focused within the presentation and interact with the content.
  • Enduring analytics and data generation. With ON24, BRW can provide client sponsors with data from on-demand viewers, further monetizing the content and extending the life of the webinar.


Better webinars and a new webinar offering

With the ON24 platform, BRW launched a new webinar concept, moving:

  • From a traditional marketing model with a single speaker delivering a promotional message
  • To educational business webinars with three speakers, all market leaders in their respective fields, addressing topics currently affecting their respective industries.
  • BRW’s new webinar formula is providing sponsors with improved revenue-generating opportunities while maintaining the objectivity of the business webinars topics being presented. Launched in June 2014, the model is already a huge success.
  • Larger audiences. A sponsored webinar on nanotechnology in 2013 drew a respectable audience. The same topic, presented from an academic point of view in 2014 on the ON24 platform, drew four times as many registrants.
  • More business webinars. Using Webcast Elite simu-live capabilities, BRW can circumvent speakers’ holiday schedules by pre-recording their sessions and run an additional 190 webinars throughout the typically slow summer months in Europe.
  • Higher-quality leads. BRW conservatively estimates its sponsors have sealed contracts worth over $50 million as a direct result of the data and analytics generated from its webinars.
  • Time and cost savings through video webinar capability. A pharmaceutical manufacturing client of BRW turned a physical guided tour of its manufacturing facilities into a video webinar tour that can be streamed during a simu-live webinar. With the use of a video webinar, the company did not have to shut down manufacturing operations and deal with stringent clean-room regulations associated with in-person tours.