Case Study

Avention ups on-demand engagement with ON24 Gateway


Webinars that Educate, Motivate

Avention, Inc., formerly OneSource, provides real-time, actionable B2B data from the world’s most comprehensive database with a sales and marketing enablement platform geared toward the business information needs of sales, marketing and research individuals.

The company runs a series of monthly thought leadership webinars, partnering with industry-leading B2B sales and marketing companies which share a common audience.

The webinars are:

  • Purely educational, not promotional
  • Co-promoted with the partnering speakers
  • Part of the company’s B2B University that provides education about relevant topics in the B2B space

With the re-branded company’s new direction, Avention is expanding its B2B webinars to extend its reach to customers, prospects and Avention sales teams.


“Clunky” Platforms Don’t Measure Up to the Expert Content

Avention had experience using two other webinar platforms; however, neither was sufficient for its sophisticated B2B webinars.

  • Ineffective lead generation tools. The platforms offered no reporting of audience interactions, making it difficult to track and score leads.
  • Downloading and archiving files was a nightmare. Recorded files were delivered in a format that couldn’t be used anywhere else.
  • No on-demand access means when the webinar is over, it’s over. The inability to make the webinar available for on-demand viewing limited Avention’s ability to reach more prospects and continue to fill the funnel.

Both platforms were fraught with technical issues, and there were times when they flat out did not work.


A Powerful Platform that Just Works

When considering new platforms, the Avention marketing team wanted something that was plug and play. Webcast Elite fit the bill and more.

  • ON24 Gateway — Avention created “The Avention Network: Build the Future for the Business of Tomorrow”, an online customizable library with a single sign-on capability so audiences register once and can view all the on-demand webinars posted.
  • Marketing automation integration for efficient follow-up — Automated information upload takes a time-consuming task off the marketing operations person’s plate. Coupled with the Webcast Elite robust and customizable reporting, Avention can more easily track leads from registration through hand-off to sales and every interaction in between.
  • Exit surveys identifying leads — Avention posted a short questionnaire that opens up on the default console to identify webinar attendees in the ready-to-buy phase.
  • Easy event duplication — With Webcast Elite templates and event cloning, Avention can reuse select webinar components or the entire event.
  • Stress-relieving simu-live option — Avention has then flexibility to pre-record its hard-to-schedule speakers and still deliver a live, moderated event. Presenters appreciate the ability to re-record slides to their satisfaction.


A Platform That Delivers Now, and Later

Prior to Webcast Elite, Avention measured webinar success by the number of registrations and attendees. Now they can see real results:

  • An average 40% of webinar viewers are on demand, dramatically increasing reach and the number of attendees and leads.
  • Higher duration-in-webinar. More attendees are staying to the end of the B2B webinars, which Avention credits both to its content and presenters and the positive, trouble-free experience with Webcast Elite.
  • Time savings of between 5 to 10 hours for each webinar.
  • While the simplified setup saves the most time, Avention has also reduced its workload with one-click posting of archived webinars to the Avention ON24 Gateway and website and automated data transfers to its marketing automation system.

As the company evolves from its rebranding, Avention will be looking to enhance the monthly B2B webinars to include customer webinars and reaching prospects at multiple touch points in the sales funnel.