Case Study



Simplifying Member Education

In a series of medicare webinars, AARP dispels myths about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), providing attendees with valuable and factual information about their impact and how members and their families can benefit. AARP reports that it is frequently dealing with an undercurrent of misinformation and myth, especially with the ACA. Virtual member education helps alleviate the fears of AARP’s core audience, the 50+ who are more frequently turning to online sources for information about the topics that interest them.

Thousands attend these medicare webinars, and the audience actively participates in the polls, Q&As and surveys. Many people view the webcasts on demand, despite very little effort to promote the archived versions. The successes of these webinars demonstrate that webcasts are useful vehicles for educating audiences aged 50+ on complex issues such as healthcare reform.


Getting the Facts Straight For Millions

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for people age 50 and over, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all as we age. With a membership of more than 37 million, AARP leads positive social change and delivers value through member education, advocacy and service.

Among AARP’s most important missions is to help educate seniors about available healthcare programs and services so they can make the right choices. Hot topic areas for AARP are Medicare and the recently enacted Affordable Care Act.

Due to the great demand for member education on these topics, AARP needed a more flexible and scalable infrastructure for delivering its educational content – both live and on demand – to a large national audience.


Social Security, ACA, and Medicare Webinars, Powered By ON24

To address the hot topics associated with Medicare and the ACA, AARP’s communications team planned a webinar series to provide timely information to members and the general public.

Given the “pull” of these topics, AARP knew that it needed a more robust webcasting solution. Because AARP’s legacy webcasting platform could not scale to meet audience demands, they selected ON24’s webcasting solution for live and on-demand delivery of this critical content.

The top-performing webinars included:

  • “Social Security and Medicare”
  • “Find Your Way Around the Health Care Law”
  • “The Health Care Law: What It Means for People with Medicare”
  • “Medicare 101”

Each webcast was designed to address specific concerns about healthcare-related rules and regulations.

The “Social Security and Medicare” webcast set a new standard of excellence, providing audience members with clear and reliable information on two timely topics. The “Find Your Way Around the Health Care Law” and “The Health Care Law: What It Means for People with Medicare” webcasts offered guidance and tips for stakeholders trying to negotiate the complex health insurance marketplaces and sometimes confusing landscape of new regulations. AARP’s health care law webcasts also provided relevant information on the Affordable Care Act during a time of misinformation. The content of the webcasts was uniquely crafted for attendees, providing answers to their specific questions. Finally, the “Medicare 101” webcast presented basic member education about Medicare in an easily understood way, with AARP subject matter experts helping Medicare recipients, as well as their families, friends and caregivers, understand more about the system and how to navigate its complexities and make better benefit selections.


Greater Understanding and High Engagement

AARP’s webinars have been a success, meeting the needs of the organization’s core stakeholders – who are more frequently turning to online sources for information about the topics that interest and impact them. ON24’s integrated event marketing and registration features make it easier for AARP to get viewers signed up, and the timely content is helpful to seniors looking for answers. AARP makes extensive use of ON24’s polling functionality to further drive engagement and personalize the experience for audience members.

In addition to positive feedback from the audiences, AARP achieved the following results:

  • A nearly 60% registrant-to-attendee conversion rate for “Medicare 101” and a registration conversion rate greater than 50% for the “Find Your Way Around the Health Care Law” webcast
  • 8,768 registrants for the “Social Security and Medicare” webcast
  • 13,840 registrants for “The Health Care Law: What It Means for People with Medicare” webcast, an all-time high for AARP

Because AARP made its Social Security, ACA, and Medicare webinars available for viewing on demand, AARP members and the public are able to educate themselves on these important topics for the first time or to revisit the content as needed – whenever they want. On-demand viewership, powered by the ON24 platform, has greatly increased the reach and value of AARP’s informational content, driving additional ROI.

AARP’s medicare webinars program has been so successful that its webinar series earned the organization a Virtual Communication Excellence Award for Attendee Engagement from ON24 and the Content Marketing Institute.