Build A Superstar Webinar Team

Webinaring is a team sport. It takes every player to create, produce and execute effective webinar programs that convert leads and generate revenue. 

Tune into our two-part series “Back2Basics: Build a Superstar Webinar Team,” on Nov. 4th and 5th at 11 am PST | 2 ET, for guided discussions on how to build your dream team — from demand generation to marketing to sales — to execute webinar programs that successfully turn leads into revenue. 

Here’s what’s in store:

Part 1: Setting a Game Plan 

What does it take to build webinars that attract audiences and drive engagement?  Tune into “Back2Basics Part 1: Setting a Game Plan,” for insider tips on how to build a superstart team by recruiting  key players, mastering the hand-off process of timelines & deliverables, while measuring success by defining key goals and desired outcomes.  

Part 2: Turning Leads Into Revenue 

All those engagement opportunities you baked into your last webinar paid off. Now it’s time to put that engagement data to work, so you can help your audience take the next step in their buying journey. Tune into “Back2Basics Part 2: Turning Leads Into Revenue,” and learn how to score and segment leads, and effectively navigate the sales handoff process for maximum conversion. 

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