Rethinking Digital Experiences for Demand Marketing

Marketers have had A LOT on their shoulders in recent months.

2020 playbooks – binned. In-person events – evaporated. Marketing budgets – slashed.
Digital Landscape – noisy. Future outlook – unknown.

The pipeline problem is real. In this new world, marketers are searching for ways to keep business moving, digitally engage and educate buyers to patch up that pipeline hole that COVID19 has left behind. It’s no surprise many have turned to webinars.

Most had to move quick, but did we pivot too quick?

Are we considering the foundational elements of successful webinar strategy? Have we developed these digital experiences to help us attract, activate and accelerate buyers right through the buying journey? Or are we simply just virtualising our physical events.

To help guide us, we’ve called on a panel of webinar experts from Oracle, Korn Ferry, Hexagon PPM and ON24 to share some practical advice on developing a successful full-funnel webinar strategy that drives business forward. Join the discussion to learn how to

  • Build and scale a webinar program strategy that nurtures leads through the funnel
  • Curate content and experiences to stand out and engage the online audience
  • Optimise webinars to drive buying signals and actionable data

Webinars have evolved beyond just a marketing tactic, they have a real purpose in this digital-first future. Register now and learn how to rethink these digital experiences for demand marketing.

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Rethinking Digital Experiences for Demand Marketing

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