Rethinking The Demand Marketing Tactic Mix

On-Demand Webinar

Changes in buyer behaviour and expectations, along with new technologies and digital touchpoints, are forcing B2B marketers to continuously rethink their approaches to programs, tactics, design, and delivery. This is more important than ever as additional buyer insights are revealed with each interaction. The modern demand tactic mix should be designed and adapted to attract, engage, and qualify target buyers; optimise for conversion; and provide a unified experience across channels for any path the buyer might take on their journey.

Join Jessie Johnson, Principal Analyst at Forrester SiriusDecisions, and Cheri Keith, Head of Strategy at ON24 as they discuss these important topics.

You’ll leave this webinar with:

  • An understanding of dimensions of B2B buying signals.
  • Feedback about the importance of creating an adaptable mix of programs that engages buyers throughout their journey.
  • Insight into the role of events in connecting disparate signals to create truly powerful and actionable buying group insights.

Rethinking The Demand Marketing Tactic Mix

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