2021 Forrester Report: Virtual Events: Partnering with Sales for Successful Outcomes

Marketers know that virtual events are now a mainstay tactic in the digital world. But what they don’t know, and are still learning, is how to design virtual events for effective outcomes. 

To drive successful outcomes, marketers must partner, and enable, the sales organization. 

Discover why marketing needs to partner with sales in Forrester’s latest research brief, “Virtual Events: Partnering With Sales For Successful Outcomes.” In this brief, you’ll learn how the marketing department can partner with sales before, during and after a virtual event to maximize results. 

Download this brief to learn: 

  • The role of the sales organization in planning, promoting and acting on virtual events
  • How to empower sales to connect and build relationships in a virtual setting 
  • Why marketing and sales need a powerful partnership for effective follow-up
  • How marketing can deliver virtual event insights and data quickly and seamlessly

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