How Financial Engines Drives Trust, Engagement Through Webinars

Retirement planning doesn’t often get the blood pumping, but it’s still critical to participate in and learn about. To engage employees and make advisory meeting happen, Financial Engines, the nation’s largest independent investment advisory firm, uses webinars. 

With its mix of live and on-demand events, Financial Engines empowers participants to self-select their own learning path, allowing them to learn about retirement plans at their pace through powerful engagement tools.  

During this webinar, you’ll learn how Financial Engines:

  • Uses interactivity and gamification to grab audience attention and boost webinar engagement
  • Uses live webinars to create on-demand content and assets to fuel its on-demand content multiple ways for participants to engage with their advisory services
  • Converts webinar engagement into real advisor meetings, achieving increases of upwards of 300 more than the year prior and doubling assets under management

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How Financial Engines Drives Trust, Engagement Through Webinars