Digital Honeypots and Attracting New Audiences

Andrew Warren-Payne, Market2Marketers

Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and CPO, MarketMuse
David Fortino, SVP Audience and Product,  NetLine
Mike Genstil, Co-founder and CEO, VisualizeROI
Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24

These days, most B2B marketers are using the same channels, going after the same metrics and executing the same tactics as everybody else. 

So how can marketers find the whitespace in B2B marketing and get ahead of the next trend?

Join us and watch this webinar to get fresh ideas for building “digital honeypots” to attract new audiences and provide answers that your next great lead is searching for. Featuring top B2B marketers from ON24, NetLine, Visualize ROI and MarketMuse, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Produce SEO-enhanced content across your website and blog
  • Create interactive, engaging tools, such as ROI calculators, that new prospects will willingly sign up for
  • Weaponise your own unique data to develop better content 
  • Use interactive, game-ified content to learn more about your audience at first touch

Let’s break away from the same old and start thinking about what’s next— register now!

Digital Honeypots and Attracting New Audiences

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