How Box Goes Digital to Boost the Impact of In-Person Events

Conferences, summits, forums or whatever you call it, in-person events are huge opportunities for a brand to engage with customers and prospects directly. But, in-person events also require a huge effort to pull off, from developing the programming, recruiting speakers, creating content and tracking interactions — not to mention the costs associated and more.

That’s why Box, a leading enterprise cloud content management platform, turned to the ON24 platform to enhance its webinar program with live video, hybrid events and Virtual Summits and create a digital version of its annual conference, BoxWorks. With this one-two punch combo, Box can enable its audience to binge on on-demand content while its marketing team can seamlessly integrate analytics and reach a bigger audience without the capacity limits or logistical challenges of a physical space.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Box expanded the reach of in-person events by 70% with digital connections
  • How to curate a library of content to meet the needs of unique personas
  • How to drive superior experiences and engagements through any virtual event

Join us as Box’s Ashesh Satvedi and Kendall Carraher discuss their secrets to digital events.

How Box Goes Digital to Boost the Impact of In-Person Events