Virtual Summit

RevNEXt Summit: The Rise of the Revenue Marketer

This year has proven what marketing has already known for a while: an integrated, digital-first strategy is how to win today’s B2B buyer. That’s why marketing has evolved from simply generating leads to owning the entire buying journey. But with great power comes great responsibility: Revenue responsibility. And that means it’s time to unite our tech, tools and teams to create a customer-centric strategy that spans multiple channels and all stages of the buying journey. 

Attend RevNEXT Summit: The Rise of the Revenue Marketer and learn how to incorporate all the elements of marketing — from personalisation to engagement, intelligence to acceleration — to deliver full-funnel, omnichannel experiences that drive pipeline and revenue. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Deliver personalised marketing at scale 
  • Track and respond to buying signals across the funnel 
  • Accelerate buyers from lead to revenue with engaging digital experiences 
  • Identify and leverage the marketing channels that are most effective with your buyers 

Welcome to the rise of the revenue marketer. Let’s do some selling!

Virtual Summit