Putting the 4 Ps into Action: A Step by Step Guide for Personalising Webinars

Lev Cribb, Managing Director, WebinarExperts
Emily Smith, Marketing Director, EMEA, ON24
Max McDonough, Director, Customer Success, ON24

Think webinars are only a one-size-fits-all tactic? Think again.

With a deep level of customisation, content immersion and interactivity, webinars can be the ideal tactic for creating and delivering personalised experiences across the entire buyer’s journey.

To help you maximise the personalisation potential of your webinars, join Lev Cribb, Managing Director at WebinarExperts for “Putting the 4Ps Into Action,” where you’ll learn:

  • The importance of making webinars a part of your integrated content strategy
  • A framework for starting and running a personalised webinar program
  • Tips and tricks for turning one-to-many webinars into one-to-few experiences
  • Metrics to understand webinar audience quality, not quantity
  • How to execute a personalised webinar program, from your promotions to your webinar branding to the presentation itself

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