Virtual Summit

FastFWD Summit

The days of marketing generating some “hot leads” for sales and calling it a day are over. In a digital-first world, where buyers self-educate through their own decision-making journey, marketing and sales must join forces to more effectively drive pipeline and revenue. And a shared revenue team requires new strategies and new thinking.

Attend ON24’s FastFWD Summit, where you’ll learn how to build a predictable pipeline model with a shared revenue team across sales and marketing.

In this interactive digital event, you’ll learn:

  • How to create experiences that convert the new digital-only buyer
  • Real world execution of marketing-driven pipeline
  • Strategies modern marketer’s are implementing to impact revenue across the funnel
  • Plus, don’t miss out on Written in the Cards, an exclusive tarot reading class. Be one of the first 50 registrants for FastFWD Summit and we’ll send you a limited edition ON24 Tarot Deck to use for the class.

Bridging the sales/marketing gap is no longer a joke, it’s an imperative. This is your chance to learn how. Watch now.

Virtual Summit