How to Make Marketing Magic with Webinars and Direct Mail

So much of what constitutes marketing today is noise, and while that keeps marketers busy churning out tactics, it doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t drive interest, engagement, urgency, or, most importantly, pipeline.

So, what are today’s most successful B2B marketers doing to break through the noise?

Join us and hear how Angela Lee, Senior Marketing Manager of Demand Generation at Jobvite, Ryan Campion, Head of Marketing at Printfection and Tessa Barron, Senior Director of Marketing at ON24 turn marketing mediocrity into magic through webinars and direct mail.

You’ll learn best practices and get real-life examples of using direct mail and webinars to:

  • Create high-touch engagement across the funnel
  • Enable sales to open doors, warm-up conversations and accelerate deals
  • Turn your customers into brand champions
  • Run an integrated, cohesive campaign

Let’s make some marketing magic — register now!