2020 B2B Marketing Trends Report: Brand, Content, Sales-Marketing Alignment

Today’s B2B marketers are in a hard place. A full 43% of them say their brand is held back by an unclear strategy and only 2% say they have an excellent relationship with sales. Obviously, there are a variety of pressures on marketers in today’s digital-first world, but where should they focus their attention to realize better results?

Download “2020 B2B Marketing Trends Report: Brand, Content, Sales-Marketing Alignment” to discover the trends driving B2B marketing efforts in 2020. In this report, you’ll learn the tactics and strategies leading marketing experts are using to achieve real results. You’ll also understand how your B2B marketing peers are performing in today’s market and where you stand amongst your peers. In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How aligning both marketing and sales can lead to more closed-won deals
  • How and why events (both physical and digital) should be evergreen
  • Why today’s marketers need to refocus on brand building
  • How marketers are performing in today’s digital-first world

Download now to get the latest B2B marketing trends.