No “I” in Revenue Team: 5 Steps for A Full-Funnel Sales and Marketing Strategy

Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24
Molly Presby, VP of Global Business Development, ON24
Alice de Courcy, CMO, Cognism
David Bentham, Inside Sales Director, Cognism

Now that all sales and marketing is digital, having an integrated, collaborative strategy is table stakes for revenue growth.

But what does that new revenue team look like in action? And how do you coordinate full-funnel campaign execution without getting in each other’s way?

Watch this live webinar to learn best practices for partnership and pipeline building from the heads of marketing and sales development from both ON24 and Cognism, including:

  • Processes for account prioritization and contact acquisition
  • Playbooks for parallel inbound/outbound programs that engage, nurture and accelerate leads
  • Tactics for driving pushes and incentive offers to book more prospect meetings
  • Methodologies for measuring impact and attribution outside of the MQL
  • Operations to put in place for scale

Don’t just believe in sales-marketing alignment, put it into action — watch now!

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