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Life may be complicated, but your webinars don’t have to be.

Tune in to our three-part series, “Back 2 Basics: the Webinar Essentials,” running from July 27 to July 31 to learn how you can make live experiences easy for you and delightful for your audience.

You’ll learn our own insider tips for running awesome webinar campaigns and get the break down on what to do before, during and after in just three quick episodes:

  • Before the WebinarOn-Demand, get shortcuts for promoting your upcoming events, from email templates to the registration page
  • During the Webinar On-Demand, discover quick ways to elevate your webinar branding and design while improving audience engagement
  • After the WebinarOn-Demand, find out the 5 ways to use webinar engagement data for better conversion and sales follow-up

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