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Michelle Blondin, Director of Demand Generation, ON24
Jack Wildt, Sr. Manager Demand Gen Operations, ON24

Getting a webinar up and off the ground sounds like a tall order, but it actually only takes a few quick steps. Tune in to “Back 2 Basics: Before the Webinar” to learn how you can prep your webinar for promotion and make registration a seamless experience. 

During this live event, you’ll learn: 

  • Why email is so powerful for webinar registration and the different types you should deploy 
  • How to set up webinar templates in MAPs like Marketo 
  • How to create a seamless webinar registration experience without the forms 

Register now to get back to the webinar basics. 

Michelle Blondin

Michelle Blondin is the Director of Demand Generation at ON24 where she leads strategy and execution across all segments, for new business and expansion opportunities. She is a full-stack marketer with over 15 years experience driving demand and pipeline.

Jack Wildt

Jack is the Sr. Manager of Demand Gen Operations at ON24, and leads a team of marketers who create and execute digital communications and integrated campaigns leveraging multiple marketing technologies.