The Modern 4 P's of Marketing


Marketers today are responsible for driving the entire buyer’s journey, from lead to revenue, which means a complete rethink of the fundamentals of marketing. The 4Ps have guided us for generations, but today’s buyers expect more than the product-first content this traditional model inspires. It’s time to rethink the 4Ps as we know them, and start delivering the personalized and engaging digital experiences audiences want. 

Join us for this virtual workshop as Cheri Keith, ON24’s Head of Strategy, walks you through each of the 4 components of the modern 4Ps: Promotion, Personalization, Pipeline and Predictability.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Build promotional strategies to excite digital-first audiences 
  • Deliver digital experiences that engage buyers throughout their buying journey
  • Create campaigns and programs to drive pipeline 
  • Build a framework for predictable pipeline

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The Modern 4 P's of Marketing

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