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DMNews: Marketers Share Their Biggest Mistakes and How They Fixed Them

Joe Hyland Chief Marketing Officer, ON24 Type: Audience Mistake: It’s a common mistake for any marketer to misunderstand who their audience is. I know in my career there’s been plenty of times when I thought I knew my audience and customers, but didn’t truly understand them (what they want, when, and why) — and this can make marketing sound pretty tone deaf. Solution: I’ve learned to constantly question my assumptions about my audience. I constantly ask my team to think about the people we are marketing to. Who are they? What pain points do they have and how can I add value while being relevant? What do they want to see from me, when, and where? What’s their daily routine like? Your target audience and customers are constantly evolving, so it’s vital for us to evolve our messaging and content, too. Lesson: There are so many things we should be constantly evaluating as marketers — metrics, A/B testing, new platforms, etc. — but it’s vital to not forget that you are marketing to humans, not job titles. Before you can market to them effectively, you have to truly understand them, their motivations, and their mindset.]]>