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Chief Marketer: The Buzz: Marketers Share What (And Who) To Watch In 2017

JOE HYLAND, CMO, ON24  What are your biggest marketing concerns for 2017? I think my biggest concern every year is that my team and our company is constantly innovating. With today’s rate of technology and ever changing landscape, those who don’t innovate will be left behind. How do we combat that? I think two things I’m always prioritizing is being data driven—in the right ways— and being cost efficient, which are two things ON24 as a company also stand for.  What will be your biggest marketing investment for 2017? I think one of our biggest investments will be around making our marketing efforts as tailored as possible to each vertical and to each account. We want every webinar to be as impactful as it can be, but we also want the data we gather and how we enable sales teams to engage to be powerful as well. How do we do this? Through our data backend, we can find out what things truly resonate with each vertical, and use this to better inform our platform and better serve our customers. What was the biggest marketing story of 2016? In our space, I think it was the rise of live video. Major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter caught on early and capitalized on trends of online video consumption. While marketers realize the value of live video, they’re still unsure how to best leverage it to connect with their customers and surpass their goals. I think a big thing we will notice more of in the next year is marketers trying to identify where the most potential is for live video. What’s the brand to watch in 2017? Geico. I always love Geico’s campaigns, and I think they’re successful because they often have very little to do with insurance. They have very clear messaging, and just about every ad tracks back to that messaging — how simple and easy Geico is, and how much it can save you. And they know how to use humor. They run so many different campaigns that often have very little to do with each other, but because they use humor effectively and communicate simply, their customers feel like they know their brand and message well. What was your personal favorite campaign of 2016 and why? Going back to Geico, my favorite campaign of 2016 would have to be Geico’s “It’s Not Surprising” campaign. This campaign was another funny way to illustrate how “not surprising” savings were for Geico. Whether it’s Ice T at a lemonade stand or Marco Polo playing Marco Polo in above ground pool, they have the formula down and know that simple, funny messaging is powerful and keeps resonating with consumers.]]>