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3 B2B tech brands share their martech stacks – and explain why they use certain platforms

ON24, KPMG Small Business Accounting and Workfront reveal the tech they use to strengthen customer relationships, increase leads and drive home the power of marketing It’s a truth universally acknowledged that no two B2B martech stacks are the same: while KPMG’s primary objective – as well as improving the user experience – is to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads, ON24’s top priority is to engage with customers and maintain a clear view of their experiences. So which platforms are galvanising each company’s successes and what can marketers do to optimise their marketing efforts?


Joe Hyland, CMO at webinar software platform ON24, shares his company’s martech stack, a mix of CRM systems and marketing automation tools that it uses to gain a 360-degree view of its customers.
  • Salesforce Wave Analytics ON24 leverages this technology to make data-driven decisions and generate insights around its sales pipeline in real time.
  • CRM Fusion This tool helps ON24 ensure its Salesforce data is clean and of a high enough quality to better score leads and increase the rate of leads accepted by the sales team.
  • LeanData ON24’s marketing operations rely on LeanData for lead management, matching, routing and reporting. It‘s also helpful for ABM and targeted marketing programmes.
  • SpringML This tool is chosen for its predictive analytics capabilities which help improve ON24’s forecasting.
  • GainInsights ON24 uses this piece of tech to help the business understand the entire lifecycle of its customers.
The top priority for the business is ensuring its tech stack is adding capabilities that engage its customers and deliver insights into their experiences. A separate stack that’s integrated with these tools helps achieve these goals. This includes:
  • Conductor Joe explains that Conductor helps ON24’s customers find the content they want: its insights into the trends and topics ON24 customers are searching for have revealed impactful opportunities for new keywords and content topics
  • Demandbase This platform provides personalisation at an account-based level, ensuring ON24’s campaigns are relevant to its prospects’ business and industry. That work is generating better-quality leads and increasing the number of leads accepted by the sales team.
  • Optimizely Optimizely is personalisation technology that helps the company meet the customer wherever they are across any channel, and allows the brand to experiment with different mixes of targeted content and experiences.
  • Influitive Influitive helps the company build a robust community of customer advocates.
Time-consuming manual tasks such as predicting pipeline, scheduling email follow-ups and understanding which campaign is performing best are left to the tech, while ON24’s marketing team focuses its attention on the art of marketing. “I’d much prefer my team members to use their talent to create a hilarious video or host a best practice webinar rather than calculate our email open rate,” says Joe. “Marketing technology gives us an unprecedented view of who, what, where, when and even how our customers engage, but it will never explain why they engage. I look to my team to analyse what’s beyond the numbers and identify the strategies that are working best for our customers.”