Break free from your new normal with 2 hours of inspirational keynotes. 

An on-demand digital event to benefit the fight against COVID-19


Don’t let your work-from-home routine hold you back from mastering new professional skills, unlocking personal insights or challenging the status quo.

Join today’s top thinkers, creators and leaders for an on-demand digital event and start your week with a mindshift toward positivity and new possibilities.

HOSTED by Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo is a globally touring keynote speaker, author of the book Break the Wheel, and a sought after podcast and docuseries host/producer. When he’s not traveling the world speaking or telling business innovation stories on a show, he’s running Marketing Showrunners, a media company for people who want to find their voice, make a difference, and change the culture of their industries for the better. Subscribers hail from organizations like Red Bull, Amazon Prime, the BBC, the New York Times, Mailchimp, Salesforce, thousands of small businesses.


Sekou Andrews

Grammy Nominee & Creator of “Poetic Voice”

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Mariana Atencio

Journalist, Author & Co-Founder of “Go Like”

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Chris Bashinelli

TV Host & National Geographic Explorer

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Amy Cuddy

Social Psychologist, Award-Winning Harvard Lecturer, and Bestselling Author

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Nir Eyal

Bestselling Author of “Indistractable” & “Hooked”

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Alden Mills

Founder of Perfect Fitness & Former Navy SEAL Commander

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Neil Pasricha

Leadership and Happiness Expert & Bestselling Author

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Shane Snow

Human Explorer, Business and Science Journalist, and Bestselling Author

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Vanessa Van Edwards

Bestselling Author & Founder of Science of People

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