Oracle and ON24 Integration

Pass engagement data from your ON24 webinars to Oracle Eloqua to help you segment, score and follow up with your prospects.

With the ON24 Platform, Oracle Eloqua users can webinars to the next level with our advanced audience analytics solution, ON24 Connect, which can collect more than 30 unique data points to help you segment, score and follow up with your prospects with a personalized approach.

Make Webinar Enrolment Easy

Provide a seamless audience experience when you connect ON24 with Oracle Eloqua

Collect Engagement Activity

Collect attendee engagement activity and see what content works

Inform Future Marketing Operations

Upgrade marketing operations with crystal clear audience insights

Integration Guide

Easily pass user profile data from an Oracle Eloqua web page or form to the ON24 Platform, enabling you to create seamless audience experiences and make registration as simple as a click.

How Oracle Uses ON24 Engagement Hubs and Integrations to Power Always-On Experiences

Oracle’s ECEMEA team needed to be able to take the content they already have and create localized experiences for a range of accounts. Not only that, but it also needed to track interactions, engagement and prep its sales team for success. Oracle made it work with the power of ON24’s integrations, generating more than $300 million in pipeline.

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On24 Integrations

The ON24 Platform integrates with a variety of services and platforms to suit your technology stack. Check out how ON24 integrates with other services like SAP, Microsoft and Marketo.


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