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From Awareness to Adoption: HCP Engagement Best Practices

Join this exclusive roundtable for life science marketers to share best practices for driving HCP digital engagement – we’re in this together!

The Marketer's Circle

Getting the time and attention of busy healthcare professionals (HCPs) is no easy feat and, most of the time, one chance is all you get. Making it count will take a digital engagement strategy – one that fosters two-way engagement and meaningful connections. 

Watch the The Marketer’s Circle, “From Awareness to Adoption: HCP Engagement Best Practices,” powered by ON24 Forums. You’ll hear  other life science marketers share strategies on driving HCP engagement, building relationships and generating first-party data. 

In this interactive session, we’ll discuss:

  • Ways to deliver — and scale — high-touch, interactive KOL meetings 
  • How to create self-serve HCP content experiences 
  • The key to sparking two-way conversation and meaningful connections  
  • How to capture and leverage first-party data to fine-tune your follow-up strategy  

Make every second (and every connection) count. Watch now.

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Shalini Mitha
Vice President, Product Marketing, ON24

Make every second (and every connection) count.