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Future-Ready Trends in Life Sciences


Recent research from Indegene finds that only 10% of life sciences companies believe they are ready for the future. So as 2024 nears, it’s time to ask: how can you be better prepared?

To get the blueprint for building life sciences success next year, watch the webinar “Future-ready Trends in Life Sciences” featuring Indegene Executive Vice President Gaurav Kapoor in conversation with ON24 VP of Marketing Tessa Barron.

You’ll hear insights gathered from over 100 life sciences leaders along with industry best practices for driving long-term transformation, including:

  • Research on top life sciences priorities, from technology investments to organisational change
  • The top attributes necessary to build future-readiness
  • Recommendations to make small changes that add up to big results

Don’t let your company fall behind – watch now!

Gaurav Kapoor        Tessa Barron
Gaurav Kapoor                             Tessa Barron
Executive Vice President          VP of Marketing
Indegene                                         ON24

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