Basic Digital Experience Measurement


This is a foundational guide for marketers just starting with webinars and digital experiences, or for teams that need a refresher. These essential measurement best practices are a starting guide to understanding what is working and where there are areas of opportunity within your digital experiences.

Outcomes of this play

Content Insight​

By looking at the measurement from your webinars, you’ll be able to understand what programs performed well. This insight can inform important decisions for upcoming webinars.

Actionable Metrics

Having a measurement plan in place will allow you to share with marketing management insights from the webinar program that go beyond number of webinars run.


1. Understand

There are a variety of metrics to consider from within the ON24 platform. The basics of measurement from within an event include metrics like:

  • Attendees
  • Attendee duration
  • Registrants
  • Conversion rate

Additionally, at the webinar program level, companies can evaluate the total number of events and roll-up the above metrics.

2. Select

The next step is to select which of the measurement categories you’ll be evaluating based on the above list, or others. Marketers must document before the digital experience what will be measured. For companies that are just beginning, it may not be appropriate to set up goals against these metrics.

3. Review

Meet with the team responsible for the webinar the day after the event if possible, to look at the measurement results. Discuss what worked and what didn’t work and look for opportunities for improvement.​ For companies that set goals before the event, this will be the appropriate time to review if objectives were achieved. This will foster a culture of continuous improvement and honest look into how to further advance digital experiences.

4. Improve

With the learnings in hand, you can make more informed decision about your upcoming webinars and digital experiences. This can help to inform presenters for an upcoming webinar for the opportunity to create different content type or perhaps opportunities to amplify engagement. This can also be used to inform decisions like length of experience. This can also assist with registration and promotion to attendees to improve conversion rates.


  • Attendees
  • Attendee duration
  • Registration
  • Conversion rate
  • Average number of attendees
  • Average attendee duration
  • Average registration
  • Average conversion rate

Next Steps

This is the starting point for you in your measurement journey. Use this playbook to set the foundation for making more informed decisions about your webinars and digital experiences. This is the foundation for moving into more advanced measurement and data collection techniques.

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