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Three Great Lead Generation Tracks at Webinar World London

When it comes down to it, marketing is all about the leads. Fortunately, webinars are lean, mean lead-generating-machines. How? We’ll show you during our Lead Generation track at Webinar World London.

Designed to help you engage and identify the best MQLs, this track will provide you with the information you need to take your programs to the next level. Take a look:

From Data to Delighted. Why Webinars are the Basis of Great Lead Generation

Geertien Stuit, Global Director, Webinars & Online Events, Qlik

Laura Flandin, Head of Market Management, Euler Hermes

Jack Wildt, Senior Manager Demand Gen Operations, ON24

Lev Cribb [Host], Managing Director, WebinarExperts

The role of webinars has evolved beyond content delivery. Today’s webinars directly contribute to pipeline by generating and accelerating MQLs to create the opportunities your sales team want. In this interactive panel discussion, you’ll discover the webinar best practices of marketers who live, eat, sleep and breathe pipeline and have turned their webinars into highly tuned ROI machines.

Webinars: Right Message, Right Place, Right Time From Registrations to MQLs

Claire Gibson, EMEA Campaign Manager, Splunk

Rachel Pritchard, EMEA Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Splunk

Claire Gibson and Rachel Pritchard share how they work as a team to harness the power of webinars as a lead generator and MQL converter.

From enriching the Splunk database and placing webinars at the heart of marketing campaigns, we’ll discover the role of webinars in creating and maturing a lead. In addition to this, we’ll hear how the art of storytelling is used from process, to promotion to presentation to compel take audiences from education to consideration.

B2B Lead Generation: What It Takes to Succeed

Linus Gregoriadis, Director & Co-Founder, London Research

What are the key characteristics of successful sales and marketing activities? In this session, Linus Gregoriadis presents the findings from the 2019 State of B2B Online Lead Generation report, carried out in partnership with ON24.

Covering strategy, content, data collection and measurement of ROI, the research looks at what B2B leaders are doing differently from their peers, and how they are driving high volumes of good-quality leads with close collaboration between marketing and sales teams. Discover how B2B leaders optimize the webinar channel at every stage of the process to extract maximum value, including matching topics and content with their audience, promoting on-demand webinars to maximize engagement, and learning from feedback to improve content and delivery.