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Meet the #Webinerd: Erica Cook

Your on-demand webinar audience awaits

At ON24, we take pride in our community of webinar experts. We call them “webinerds.” To celebrate the best of the webinar elite, we’re highlighting one true #webinerd every other week. In this edition of “Meet the Webinerd,” we chat with Erica Cook, B2B marketing maven at Ellucian.

Erica wears a lot of hats while taking Ellucian’s solutions for higher education to market. She plans, manages and executes campaigns across all product lines. She optimizes operations for events, pushes brand marketing to the next level and, on occasion, blogs.

In addition, she manages the company’s webinar program. To get to know Erica a little bit more, we asked her a few questions. Here’s what she had so say:

To you, what does it mean to be a webinerd?

EC: To be a webinerd is to be a strategic and creative marketer/content creator who leverages webinars to further business goals and engage key audiences, and who is not afraid to experiment with new tactics at each stage of the webinar process.

What app or tool can you not live without?

EC: My project management tool, Robohead.

When you’re not in the office, you’re…

EC: Spending time with my amazing husband, exploring Denver (our new home) and the mountains, or trying a new fitness class.

What is one of your career highlights? What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

EC: One of my proudest career moments was successfully launching a new tech product in a new market as a product marketer, with the help of an amazing sales and product team.

What do you love about ON24?

EC: I love that it’s simple to use and that the viewing console is easy to customize.

How has the ON24 webinerd community helped you?

EC: I love hearing from and relating to other marketers who are in ON24 every day (like me), and understand how fun it is to be a #webinerd.