Feature Friday: Building Brand-Binging with Engagement Hub

The content binge — where audiences consume a range of content in one sitting — is now standard. While Netflix and Hulu started it all with binge-watching services for consumers, B2B marketers are cementing “the binge” as a valuable marketing tactic with powerful content hubs.

The Brand and Binge

Being “binge-worthy” today means not only creating a strong attachment with audiences, but providing content they want and need when they want and need it — making it easy to stay connected with your brand.

ON24’s Engagement Hub makes it easy for you to package up your best content in a single, coherent hub and provide your prospects and customers the opportunity to binge. Best of all,  it’s reproducible, allowing you to consistently showcase your brand as audience members move along their respective content journeys.

Design Your Content Experience

Engagement Hub empowers your organization to put your brand in its best light — no matter where it is. Content in an Engagement Hub can be hosted either as a standalone content library or embedded in your corporate website. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Standalone: Easily customize and add images to make it look like a single webpage to promote related content, a digital event or conference and much more.
  • Embedded: Add styling elements that seamlessly blends your Hub in with your website and ensures content findability.

With Engagement Hub, you can add your own banners, colors, custom fonts and get down to particular details such as tile styling and shadowing. Additionally, choose from multiple layout options with featured content and carousel playlists that let all of your content shine.

If you’d like to learn more about how ON24 Engagement Hub supports building branded content experiences, check out this on-demand demo. 

Provide Content Hubs to Love

The Media Manager also enables you to easily manage and publish all your multimedia assets, from webinars to videos to ebooks and more. All of these content types are essential to building your brand and they should be highlighted.

We love NVIDIA’s Engagement Hub, which recently won best Hub during the annual Webinars that Rocked webinar. Branded to perfection, NVIDIA’s Hub utilizes and presents their brand colors, images and everything that makes it NVIDIA.

The hub also supports regional replays, ensuring the NVIDIA brand is globally recognized. With filters for country or language, those around the world can quickly find the most relevant content for them. And then registration pages, such as for a webinar, are in the local language.

You know those awesomely seductive Netflix suggestions that keep you sucked in? With Related and Recommended Content, you can also keep your audience glued into your Hub. Set related content for each content piece so when an audience member views one, they can select what else to watch or read based on your suggestions.

If you’d like to learn more about how ON24 Engagement Hub supports building branded content experiences, check out this on-demand demo. If you’re already leveraging Engagement Hub, check out guides in the ON24 Knowledge Center to design and customize your Hub.

Why Marketers Are Finally Realizing It’s Not About Them

Looking back over the past year, I have traveled over a hundred thousand miles to speak at marketing conferences and present at seminars and workshops around the globe. From New York to London to Sydney to Singapore, I have had the pleasure of sharing stories with marketers from every industry, in a variety of roles. And if there is one major take-away from all of the amazing conversations I have had, it’s that marketers are realizing that what we call marketing today needs to change — dramatically.

This post was originally published on LinkedIn.com. Shared with the author’s permission.

The shared frustrations were universal. The Director of Demand Generation in Boston who complained that she felt her job had turned from marketer to professional spammer. The content marketer in Chicago who was tired of creating the same old white papers and infographics that very few people would ever read. Or the VP of Marketing for a financial firm in London, living in a GDPR reality, who couldn’t figure out how to get his audience to opt-in to his marketing. “How do I get people to WANT to experience my marketing”, he exclaimed with resignation. He looked so sad, I wanted to give him a hug…then I remembered I was in London and they don’t go for that California touchy-feely stuff. So, no hug.

I think the answer to this last question however, is actually in the question itself. And the key word is experience. It is clear that audience expectations are changing. How they want to experience content has changed, how they expect to experience our brands has changed and their time and attention is a commodity that they are not going to give away easily. But experiences are exactly what they want. Authentic, human experiences.

This sea change in attitude was never more apparent, then in the webinar marketing workshops that I have been teaching throughout the year. Three years ago, the primary topic that marketers wanted help with was simply generating leads. I was always inundated with questions about driving webinar registration and attendance. Getting the name seemed to matter more than the experience they were delivering to that name. This year, everything changed. In every city, people were much more interested in learning how to deliver a better audience experience, how to engage them more effectively and how to interact with them in a way that would resonate. The focus of the questions finally shifted from the needs of the marketer to the needs of the audience. And it’s this mindset, that I think will save marketing from itself in 2020 and beyond.

How UK Finance Promotes Charity Fraud Awareness With ON24 Target

Everyone has their passions — including businesses. For UK Finance, that passion to help prevent charities from falling victim to fraud. But charity fraud prevention is a specialized topic — one that likely won’t reach its maximum potential audience through a single campaign.

To tackle this problem, UK Finance decided to approach Charity Fraud Awareness Week, an annual event involving more than 40 charities, with a long-term vision in mind. UK Finance decided to it was time to engage and educate a broader audience. So, it needed a cohesive, memorable digital experience to realize its goal.

Instead of having content scattered across its website, UK Finance decided to use ON24 Target to aggregate assets and create a one-stop-shop for upcoming daily live stream sessions as well as a centralized resource for helps sheets and case studies. UK Finance also decided that the experience would not only support Charity Fraud Awareness Week but also become an on-demand resource charity that could turn to year-round.

“With ON24 Target, it was easy for me to create a uniquely branded, digital event experience in only a matter of weeks. What’s even better is that it now continues to provide value to our members year-round, on-demand.” – Kristen McDougall, Digital Learning Manager, UK Finance

With the flexibility and ease of use of ON24 Target, UK Finance produced its Charity Fraud Awareness experience and drove more than 1,000 registrants in less than a month. Discover how you can make Target work for you by clicking on this link.

Feature Friday: ON24 Target Analytics

American businesses owe a lot to Peter Drucker, the business philosopher who both coined the term “knowledge worker” and laid the foundations for modern management. For marketers, though, he gave us this common axiom: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

His truism still holds today, especially as marketing strategy adopts a more data-centric approach. At ON24, actionable and flexible data has and always will be one of our strategic development focus areas.

How ON24 Target Drive Data Insights

To help you refine your marketing strategy, and continue to build and scale your account-based marketing efforts, we’ve designed ON24 Target to provide you with valuable data insights. Target’s data engine ensures you capture in-depth content performance and key audience engagement data to optimize your campaigns for target accounts and personas.

From your Target dashboard, you can review details such as:

  • Overview: Total page views, average engagement minutes and more across all of your published custom and personalized content experience pages.
  • Engagement By Role: Understand which audiences are engaging and their average engagement minutes.
  • Content Performance: Performance of each individual content piece compared with others, with the ability to easily filter based on views, unique viewers and average engagement minutes.
  • Overall Page Performance: Analyze performance trends over time, with the ability to focus on most recent, top-performing or lowest-performing content. Additionally, you can segment by page views, leads, inbound engagement, and more.

Compare and contrast

In addition to the engagement and content performance shown on the dashboard, you can also compare Target page performance across multiple and select pages in one view. See which pages are performing better and which pages resonate most with audiences

With ON24 Target’s powerful analytics, you can deliver the right content at the right time, educate your audience and accelerate the buyer’s journey. Use this data to build more personalized, relevant content experiences your audience demands!

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Target and actionable data to support and scale account-based marketing, check out a Target demo. If you’re an ON24 customer, contact your CSM to get started. 

How Qlik Streamlined Experiences by Focusing on the Customer

Audiences demand better experiences — especially when that audience is mostly paying customers. But crafting comprehensive content journeys — and curating material for the right viewer — takes time and energy that most marketing departments don’t have.

It shouldn’t be this way — and it doesn’t have to be. Customer marketing teams can use the content they already have to engage, address and improve the customer experience. All they have to do is curate the right content into the right content hub and set up a specialized landing page to engage audiences.

Qlik’s Journey

Take Qlik for example. Qlik helps organizations to get more out of their data through powerful its analytics platform. Its more than 50,000 customers include governments, healthcare organizations and utilities.  So, it’s important for its customers to understand how to get the most out of its product.

But Qlik’s quarterly product releases didn’t engage its customers and lacked the in-depth details they wanted. To ensure its users got the necessary engagement and details they needed, the company turned to two ON24 Platform solutions, Target and Engagement Hub.

With these two tools, Qlik could deliver a thoughtful customer journey and experience. Here’s how Qlik made it happen:

A White-Glove Content Experience

To fuel its content experience, Qlik offers customers the opportunity to subscribe to its quarterly product releases, the Qlik Insider webinar series. The company then directs subscribers to more complementary information about each release using a dedicated ON24 Target page.

With all of its content in one place, subscribers with access to Qlik’s Insider Lounge can easily refer to the Qlik Product Spotlight library for any information they’d want at any time. This exclusive resource, built with ON24 Engagement Hub, also provides subscribers with additional product webinars, videos and how-to guides.

ON24 Target and Engagement Hub have been critical in creating a seamless, cohesive experience for our customers. As customers subscribe to the Qlik Insider webinar series, we can drive them to the Insider Lounge and the Product Spotlight immediately after, so they can catch up on anything that they may have missed over the past year.

—Amber White, Demand Generation Specialist, Qlik

Put together, Qlik has a complete, seamless journey and that engages and informs its customers about new product releases. As a result, Qlik has seen its webinar series subscribers double. See how Qlik made it happen in this edition of The #Webinerd Channel.

How a Targeted Experience Helped ADP Drive 401(k) Enrollments

When it comes to consuming content online, audiences want options. They want podcasts, videos, how-to guides, blog posts and more. And, by and large, organizations are eager to develop those options.

But providing audiences with a wealth of content isn’t enough. Content needs to be contextual, address an audience’s needs and provide them with an experience they trust. That’s why ON24 Target is so powerful: it enables organizations to deliver content with context and address an audience’s specific needs.

Take ADP, a leading human capital management company, for example. ADP offers a suite of tools and services to companies needing Human Resources support. One of its services facilitates 401(k) enrollments so employees can prepare for retirement. It’s an important step for any employee, but making an informed decision and enrolling in a plan requires a lot of information.

To condense and share this information, ADP uses webinars. But not all employees have the time or patience for an extended digital event and instead prefer instant access to all 401(k)-related resources and content. To meet the demand of this audience, ADP decided to use ON24 Target.

With its ON24 Target page, ADP could consolidate, condense and share its 401(k)-related resources in an easy-to-access experience for new plan participants. All participants needed to do is click a link and a newly-crafted experience would provide them with various self-education options.

ADP’s ON24 Target page included an on-demand benefit overview webinar, upcoming live webinar sign-ups (including guided expert events), content addressing the most commonly asked questions and more. ADP even included a direct call to action that allowed visitors to enroll in its 401(k) plans immediately. As a result, ADP has seen the number of enrollments in its plans increase.

To learn more about how companies are creating better experiences with ON24 Target, click here.

Announcing Webinar World 2020: Experiences Everywhere

We’ve heard it all before: Spammy. Creepy. Disruptive. Annoying. Clickbait. Marketing. Since when did marketing become a bad word? Well, ever since marketers decided to rely on marketing technology over audience experience.

It’s time for marketers to create experiences that audiences actually demand, not ignore. To do that, our experiences need to start conversations, surround audiences with information that’s valuable and delivers content in a way that’s entertaining, informative and relevant. 

That’s why, at Webinar World 2020, we’re exploring how we, as marketers, can deliver better Experiences Everywhere. Taking place at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco on June 15 and 16, this two-day event will provide you with the skills you need to organize, craft, deliver and refine experiences that connect with audiences on their terms. 

Here’s what’s going to happen: 

On day one, we’ll offer you and your team the opportunity to receive the industry’s first and only “Webinar Marketing Certification.” This half-day certification program provides attendees with the skills and best practices they need to organize, produce and refine webinars throughout the entire webinar lifecycle. 

On day two, we’ll host our annual Webinar World conference. There, you’ll learn from like-minded peers and genuine #webinerds on how they create, refine and reproduce webinar programs and content experiences that stand out and drive experiences audiences crave. 

So how can you participate? Simple. Register here and choose whether you would like to participate in our certification program (taking place June 15), our conference (taking place June 16) or both. Then, make your way to Webinar World on June 15 and 16. 

Keep an eye on both this blog and our registration page over the coming months — we’ll update both spaces with conference tracks, tips on making your Webinar World experience great and practical best practices that you can use to make your webinar program shine. 

Let’s make 2020 the year that we stop creating experiences audiences avoid and start creating experiences they want. See you at Webinar World! 

Have a unique, interesting webinar-related experience to share as an ON24 Master? Submit it to our Call for Speakers for a chance to present at Webinar World 2020! Click here for more details.

New at ON24: Better Mobile, Certification and Advanced Analytics Free Trial

It’s 2020, and we’re excited to start the new year (and decade) off with some significant enhancements that’ll deliver better experiences for both users and audiences. Here are a few highlights from the latest product release:

Customize Registration and Lobby Page Designs

Customize your registration and lobby pages with backgrounds and interactive speaker bios. When utilizing the new carousel registration layout, users can choose one of 10 customizable patterns to apply to the background of registration and lobby pages. Additionally, when an audience member hovers over the speaker image on the registration page, the bio text will now overlay over the image, providing more information.

ON24 Continues to Develop the Most Robust Certification Tools

Whether your audience needs credits to meet regulatory requirements for certification, wants to improve skills through training or are expanding their range of competency and knowledge, ON24 continues to develop functionality that will ensure your certification programs are robust and scalable. For those that provide training or continuing education, or who leverage certification to drive demand, you can now leverage more flexibility and deliver more detail with your certification tools.

We’ve updated the customization capabilities of certificates generated from the ON24 Platform. The date shown represents the date the certificate was earned so audiences can download at any time and the date will remain consistent — creating an easier and intuitive experience for audiences. Users can also include custom registration fields, including title, region or company, to certificates to detail all the information needed for respective audiences.

Drive More Webinar Engagement for Mobile Viewers

Everyone is always on-the-go these days. Audiences are increasingly watching webinars or consuming content on their mobile phones. To help you connect and engage with these audiences, we’ve added more functionality to the ON24 audience mobile console experience. Audiences can now view Simulive webinars on the new mobile console, as well as engage with the newly-supported CTA, Group Chat and Survey engagement tools. They can also view and answer polls as pop-ups, read captions and more.

Utilize Advanced Analytics with a Free Trial

See the power that actionable and flexible data can have in optimizing programs, making your engagement more robust and impacting sales. Current ON24 customers now have the opportunity to access a free 30-day trial of Advanced Analytics. The program provides access to some of ON24’s most powerful data and reporting, including:

  • Prospect Engagement Profiles: Examining each lead in-depth, including engagement, content journey and interaction details.
  • Account Engagement Report: Aggregating all engagement at the account level.
  • Account Engagement Profiles: Analyzing all engagement and interaction at a single-account level.
  • Funnel Analytics: Tracking every lead as they advance down the sales funnel.
  • Polls and Surveys Report: An aggregated view of poll and/or survey questions across all events.

Leverage All Your Engagement and Content Performance Data Insights

The ON24 API has been enhanced so users can efficiently turn engagement data into action. We’ve added and enhanced endpoints so you can leverage more data, such as:

  • Total views, unique viewers, total viewing duration, average viewing duration, downloads, likes, dislikes, comments and shares on content hosted in ON24 Engagement Hubs.
  • The specific date and time poll and survey responses were submitted, as well as resources last viewed.
  • … and a ton more!

There’s more to come! We’ll introduce exciting new features and functionality throughout 2020, so check back to see what else we’re cooking up.

Using Webinars to Build Experiences Everywhere

In early 2018, GDPR, the European Union’s data privacy regulation, went into effect, fundamentally changing how marketers approach European Union audiences both in the region and abroad. The fundamental change is this: marketers must market based on interest and intent, rather than spamming audiences with the same old invasive tactics, or face hefty fines.

GDPR is a direct response to spam, spam phone calls, aggressive social media ads and other tactics where marketers blast messages without bothering to learn what target audiences actually want to hear. It’s a law forcing marketers to do what they should’ve been doing in the first place: evolving the customer experience — from lead to prospect to advocacy — to match with the expectations of modern audiences.

Marketers need to take a step back to learn what audiences want to actually hear. To get this critical information and act on it, marketers need to provide permission-based interactive, unique experiences at each touchpoint of the buyer’s journey. A robust webinar ecosystem can help manage each aspect while gathering the data needed to improve the buyer’s journey.

A Webinar Ecosystem Helps Build Branded, Interactive Experiences

Let’s start with the obvious: webinars enable marketers to create branded, interactive events that put audiences in control of their own experience — from downloading resources and asking questions to participating in polls and watching events on their own time.

That’s good. It’s no longer acceptable to ask attendees to stare at a static screen for up to an hour without giving them a chance to engage. Interactive tools help to start a conversation and enable attendees to flag how interested they are in your services, where on the buyer’s journey and what, exactly, they need from your organization. In fact, interactivity in webinars is so important that, according to our 2019 Webinar Benchmarks Report nearly 70% of ON24 webinar producers say they build webinars with interactivity in mind, such as allowing for breaks for attendees to respond to polls or taking the time to respond to chat questions during a live broadcast.

By providing interactive webinars, organizations can boost engagement in both digital and in-person experiences. That interactivity during a webinar, for example, can influence what a sales representative shows to a prospect in the field, thereby accelerating the buyer’s journey.

A Webinar Ecosystem Creates On-demand Content Hubs

Netflix introduced binging to the world a few short years ago by making it easier to watch TV. All you have to do is turn your favorite program on and let each episode play. But the same binge-consumption habits also work when we watch professional content. According to our 2019 Webinar Benchmarks Report, 36% of all audiences only watch webinars on-demand. The average viewing time for always-on webinars, too, is 47 minutes, suggesting audiences are all-in on watching on-demand.

With such a strong push for on-demand content, it makes sense for webinar practitioners to consolidate and organize their events in a programmatic manner. For example, webinar practitioners can bundle up a series of webinars, like technical deep dives on a product or service, and make that on-demand series available for easy consumption through a content hub where audiences can access, engage and binge anytime, anywhere.

But content hubs, like ON24’s Engagement Hub, isn’t just about binging webinars. Marketers can publish, curate and share all relevant content — like e-books, reports and guides — to create in-depth tracks for virtually any audience at any stage of the buyer’s journey. Most importantly, these hubs can collect data and help you to analyze engagement with always-on content, allowing you to better understand content performance and prioritize high-traffic pieces for updates and distribution.

A Webinar Ecosystem Powers Bespoke, Personalized Landing Pages

Remember the first time an unknown vendor sent you an automated email with your name on it? Or, after viewing a product on Amazon, seeing on your Facebook feed? Well, those surprises in marketing are now the norm. And, as consumers, we’re becoming accustomed to seeing these heavily targeted, personalized experiences.

Now, we’re seeing the same shift to personalization in B2B marketing. According to a CEB survey, stakeholders who believe content is tailored to their specific needs were 40% more willing to buy from that supplier. The results are so compelling that 95% of CMOs are prioritizing “better-tailored content,” according to the same study.

Here, a strong webinar ecosystem can truly shine — and do so across the entire customer lifecycle. Webinars and webinar-affiliated content can easily power landing pages targeted at a specific account, vertical or stage of the buyer’s journey. In fact, you can use this content to power a combination of all of the above. By using targeted landing pages, you can create a better onboarding experience and scale your engagement programs by developing a series of experiences timed to the customer lifecycle. You can even clone and customize pages for unique accounts, helping your customers see the experience is uniquely theirs.

Marketers need to improve the overall brand experience across the entire customer lifecycle and actually engage with audiences. A robust webinar ecosystem helps marketers to stop trying to generate demand and start being in demand with content experiences that engage audiences everywhere.