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3 Ways Valeo Rocks Its Training Webinars

Good design can break the language barrier — especially good webinar design. Don’t believe us? This webinar by Valeo, a participant in the 2018 Webinars That Rocked, proves the case.

Valeo is a multinational automotive supplier and partner to automakers. To build its brand and provide a critical service to its main audience, the company provides face-to-face training. But in-person training are limited in nature, and generally can’t reach a large audience and maintain a one-to-one presence at scale.

To address these issues, Valeo uses webinars to promote its training. And it provides some of the best training webinars we’ve ever seen. How? Well let’s take a look:

Valeo Does Mixed-Media Training Right

Valeo structured its webinar to provide attendees with the clearest understanding of its subject as possible. For the company, this meant starting with a live video recording of its experts giving the lay of the course’s land followed by a series of slides diagraming the automotive parts in questions.

To make its diagrams digestible, and to stay on track with its course, the trainers used pre-recorded audio to explain what its audience is looking at. But here’s what makes Valeo stand out from the rest: the company cut to a video demo showing attendees the actual parts in question, how they interact with automotive parts and how the parts can be broken down. Once the demo ended, it cut back to its presenters for a live Q&A session.

Simply put: they optimized the educational webinar for a technical audience. It’s brilliant.

Certification For Attendees

So what’s at the end of the rainbow for Valeo webinar attendees? Well, a valuable certificate showing they’ve completed the company’s training. For professionals needing to maintain a license or prove they’re continuing their professional education, certificates are invaluable.

For Valeo, it only offers a certificate after its attendees watch the demo for 30 minutes. But, if it needed to, it could stipulate that attendees must also ask questions, participate in polls and more to receive credit.

Makes Resources Easily Available

Last but not least, Valeo provides its attendees with downloadable resources they can use. This ranges from the company’s online catalog and service portal to a downloadable .PDF laying out how to maintain a hybrid car, what parts they’ll need and how these parts interact with automobiles in general.

All in all, Valeo assembled a fantastic training webinar that really drives home how to translate face-to-face training to a digital environment. How it structured its webinar is well thought out and amplifies its educational content to attendees.

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