How To Use the COVID-19 Response Engagement Tool In Your Next Webinar

In case you missed it, earlier this week we announced an exciting new way every webinerd can make an impact through their day-to-day work in the fight against COVID-19: the ON24 COVID-19 Response Webinar Engagement Tool.

With the ON24 COVID-19 Response Webinar Engagement Tool, you can now mobilize your audience to make a direct contribution to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (or charity of choice!).

With this feature, our goal is to empower YOU — a network of over 2,500 enterprises with a collective webinar audience of more than a half-million professionals per day — to join the fight against COVID-19. Additionally, for every interaction with the engagement tool across the entire ON24 network, ON24 will make a donation to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Get started now by learning how to enable the engagement tool below and best practices for telling your audience about it.

How to Enable the COVID-19 Response Engagement Tool:

Step 1)

Open the Console Builder for your favorite upcoming or on-demand webinar(s).

Step 2)

Click the Engagement Tool Manager, then select COVID-19 Response engagement tool. The COVID-19 Response engagement tool will be the first engagement tool you see!

Step 3)

Decide where in the Console it will live. We recommend placing the engagement tool to the right of the slide window, but it’s up to you on what works best with your audience experience. The COVID-19 Response engagement tool will appear as a displayed CTA and will be included in the bottom console toolbar.

Step 4)

Click on the Engagement Tool Setting Gear and Customize it if you’d like!

Like any of the ON24 Engagement Tools, you can customize how this engagement tool works and displays. Out-of-the-box, the engagement tool points to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, but you’re more than welcome to swap out for your own charity of choice and even update the look and feel.

Best Practices for Using the COVID-19 Response Engagement tool:

Once added to your upcoming webinar, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure your audience understands what it is and why they’re seeing it.

  1. Add to your housekeeping talk track or housekeeping slide. When doing this you’ll want to be sure you provide the engagement tool info to your moderator to introduce briefly.
  2. Add a dedicated slide to the beginning of the presentation.

This is just one way that the Webinerd community can come together to help keep our communities stay safe and healthy during this time.

Webinar From Home and Win

Being a webinerd ain’t easy. Especially now that a lot of us are confined to the walls of our own homes.

But, on the bright side, our webinar programs are one of the only ways business is moving as usual. And that means you have an important job to do.

From improvised backdrops to makeshift studios, we’re all making it work, and redefining what it means to WFH. Today, we don’t just work from home, we webinar from home!

So, let’s celebrate our resiliency and ingenuity, webinerd-style. Share your WebinarFH story with us, and we’ll reward you with some sweet gear, including a Blue Yeti mic and noise-cancelling Wrapsody headphones, to help you create and deliver better webinars no matter where you are. All the details are below.

How it works:

Post a quick summary of your success on LinkedIn

Tag us @ON24 and use the the hashtag, #WebinarFH

Inspiration for your post:

  • Did you recently have to pivot from physical event to digital event? Tell us more.
  • Even though you’re stuck at home, how does ON24 help you stay in front of your prospects and customers?
  • What types of increased success (more registrants, higher conversion, more engagement) have you seen since running webinars from home?
  • Have you created any new, timely events in response to the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • We know wrangling speakers can be tough? How have you coordinated with remote speakers?

Bonus point for a picture of your WebinarFH setup!

What’s in it for you:

Top Five Posts: The most innovative posts, selected by ON24’s Chief Webinerd Mark Bornstein, will earn our WebinarFH Survival Kit. Includes Blue Yeti Nano Mic, Logitech Headset, Logitech Webcam, Dimmable Lighting Kit.

First 25 Posts: To help you stay in the zone, snag your very own webinerd Wrapsody noise-cancelling headphones!

3 Women taking the Role of the Webinerd to the Next Level

As we reflect on International Women’s Day, we wanted to give a shout out to the lady webinerds who think outside the box, get scrappy with their marketing and create captivating experiences that move business goals forward.

We’re excited to introduce you to three women paving the way in marketing and advocating for women in the workplace.

Erin Molnar – Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Events, SAP Concur

Erin leads digital events for SMB’s at SAP Concur. She loves bringing brand experiences to life wherever her customers are on the web. Erin recently had the challenge of translating a small, very hands-on in-person implementation workshop to a virtual event. She needed to enable her customers to get set up with products faster, with fewer resources on her side, all while maintaining a high satisfaction score.

Her team wasn’t sure if it would work virtually, but not only did they achieve their results, the implementation coaches actually preferred the virtual event, which they were very skeptical of in the beginning. They have now expanded a one-time pilot to twice-a-month virtual workshops in 2020. This is a huge step in scaling SAP Concur implementation for customers and efficiencies and time and money savings for the company.

Aside from crushing her marketing goals, Erin is a mom first and foremost and actively supports Mother Honestly, a platform that inspires, encourages and guides the modern ambitious woman to thrive in and beyond motherhood. See her insights on motherhood and the workplace below:

Blane Barker – Sr. Program Manager, Atlassian

Blane oversees Atlassian’s global webinar program, running more than 300 webinars annually. She’s spent her career building scale and driving innovation initiatives across marketing departments, systems and operations.

When Blane isn’t busy making sure Atlassian’s webinar program runs flawlessly, she’s sharing her thoughts and experiences about navigating as a woman in the workplace at events like ON24’s OWN IT, an event all about women leading marketing change.

Sarah Danzl – Head of Communications, Degreed

Sarah has been actively involved in the learning space for 11 years, leading marketing and communications efforts in both corporate and startup capacities. She currently leads the Enterprise Communications and Content Development efforts on Degreed’s Product Marketing Team.  She rolled out Degreed’s comprehensive webinar program in just two months with limited resources. She built a strategy that focused on segmented promotions, sales enablement and performance tracking and the results exceeded expectations. You can learn more about how she did it here.

In addition to leading the initial charge in getting Degreed’s webinar program up and running, she’s also shared her thoughts this International Women’s day on how we can all make an effort every day to raise women up, not just this day alone. Check out her five tips below:


How UK Finance Promotes Charity Fraud Awareness With ON24 Target

Everyone has their passions — including businesses. For UK Finance, that passion to help prevent charities from falling victim to fraud. But charity fraud prevention is a specialized topic — one that likely won’t reach its maximum potential audience through a single campaign.

To tackle this problem, UK Finance decided to approach Charity Fraud Awareness Week, an annual event involving more than 40 charities, with a long-term vision in mind. UK Finance decided to it was time to engage and educate a broader audience. So, it needed a cohesive, memorable digital experience to realize its goal.

Instead of having content scattered across its website, UK Finance decided to use ON24 Target to aggregate assets and create a one-stop-shop for upcoming daily live stream sessions as well as a centralized resource for helps sheets and case studies. UK Finance also decided that the experience would not only support Charity Fraud Awareness Week but also become an on-demand resource charity that could turn to year-round.

“With ON24 Target, it was easy for me to create a uniquely branded, digital event experience in only a matter of weeks. What’s even better is that it now continues to provide value to our members year-round, on-demand.” – Kristen McDougall, Digital Learning Manager, UK Finance

With the flexibility and ease of use of ON24 Target, UK Finance produced its Charity Fraud Awareness experience and drove more than 1,000 registrants in less than a month. Discover how you can make Target work for you by clicking on this link.

How Qlik Streamlined Experiences by Focusing on the Customer

Audiences demand better experiences — especially when that audience is mostly paying customers. But crafting comprehensive content journeys — and curating material for the right viewer — takes time and energy that most marketing departments don’t have.

It shouldn’t be this way — and it doesn’t have to be. Customer marketing teams can use the content they already have to engage, address and improve the customer experience. All they have to do is curate the right content into the right content hub and set up a specialized landing page to engage audiences.

Qlik’s Journey

Take Qlik for example. Qlik helps organizations to get more out of their data through powerful its analytics platform. Its more than 50,000 customers include governments, healthcare organizations and utilities.  So, it’s important for its customers to understand how to get the most out of its product.

But Qlik’s quarterly product releases didn’t engage its customers and lacked the in-depth details they wanted. To ensure its users got the necessary engagement and details they needed, the company turned to two ON24 Platform solutions, Target and Engagement Hub.

With these two tools, Qlik could deliver a thoughtful customer journey and experience. Here’s how Qlik made it happen:

A White-Glove Content Experience

To fuel its content experience, Qlik offers customers the opportunity to subscribe to its quarterly product releases, the Qlik Insider webinar series. The company then directs subscribers to more complementary information about each release using a dedicated ON24 Target page.

With all of its content in one place, subscribers with access to Qlik’s Insider Lounge can easily refer to the Qlik Product Spotlight library for any information they’d want at any time. This exclusive resource, built with ON24 Engagement Hub, also provides subscribers with additional product webinars, videos and how-to guides.

ON24 Target and Engagement Hub have been critical in creating a seamless, cohesive experience for our customers. As customers subscribe to the Qlik Insider webinar series, we can drive them to the Insider Lounge and the Product Spotlight immediately after, so they can catch up on anything that they may have missed over the past year.

—Amber White, Demand Generation Specialist, Qlik

Put together, Qlik has a complete, seamless journey and that engages and informs its customers about new product releases. As a result, Qlik has seen its webinar series subscribers double. See how Qlik made it happen in this edition of The #Webinerd Channel.

How a Targeted Experience Helped ADP Drive 401(k) Enrollments

When it comes to consuming content online, audiences want options. They want podcasts, videos, how-to guides, blog posts and more. And, by and large, organizations are eager to develop those options.

But providing audiences with a wealth of content isn’t enough. Content needs to be contextual, address an audience’s needs and provide them with an experience they trust. That’s why ON24 Target is so powerful: it enables organizations to deliver content with context and address an audience’s specific needs.

Take ADP, a leading human capital management company, for example. ADP offers a suite of tools and services to companies needing Human Resources support. One of its services facilitates 401(k) enrollments so employees can prepare for retirement. It’s an important step for any employee, but making an informed decision and enrolling in a plan requires a lot of information.

To condense and share this information, ADP uses webinars. But not all employees have the time or patience for an extended digital event and instead prefer instant access to all 401(k)-related resources and content. To meet the demand of this audience, ADP decided to use ON24 Target.

With its ON24 Target page, ADP could consolidate, condense and share its 401(k)-related resources in an easy-to-access experience for new plan participants. All participants needed to do is click a link and a newly-crafted experience would provide them with various self-education options.

ADP’s ON24 Target page included an on-demand benefit overview webinar, upcoming live webinar sign-ups (including guided expert events), content addressing the most commonly asked questions and more. ADP even included a direct call to action that allowed visitors to enroll in its 401(k) plans immediately. As a result, ADP has seen the number of enrollments in its plans increase.

To learn more about how companies are creating better experiences with ON24 Target, click here.