New at ON24: Better Mobile, Certification and Advanced Analytics Free Trial

It’s 2020, and we’re excited to start the new year (and decade) off with some significant enhancements that’ll deliver better experiences for both users and audiences. Here are a few highlights from the latest product release:

Customize Registration and Lobby Page Designs

Customize your registration and lobby pages with backgrounds and interactive speaker bios. When utilizing the new carousel registration layout, users can choose one of 10 customizable patterns to apply to the background of registration and lobby pages. Additionally, when an audience member hovers over the speaker image on the registration page, the bio text will now overlay over the image, providing more information.

ON24 Continues to Develop the Most Robust Certification Tools

Whether your audience needs credits to meet regulatory requirements for certification, wants to improve skills through training or are expanding their range of competency and knowledge, ON24 continues to develop functionality that will ensure your certification programs are robust and scalable. For those that provide training or continuing education, or who leverage certification to drive demand, you can now leverage more flexibility and deliver more detail with your certification tools.

We’ve updated the customization capabilities of certificates generated from the ON24 Platform. The date shown represents the date the certificate was earned so audiences can download at any time and the date will remain consistent — creating an easier and intuitive experience for audiences. Users can also include custom registration fields, including title, region or company, to certificates to detail all the information needed for respective audiences.

Drive More Webinar Engagement for Mobile Viewers

Everyone is always on-the-go these days. Audiences are increasingly watching webinars or consuming content on their mobile phones. To help you connect and engage with these audiences, we’ve added more functionality to the ON24 audience mobile console experience. Audiences can now view Simulive webinars on the new mobile console, as well as engage with the newly-supported CTA, Group Chat and Survey engagement tools. They can also view and answer polls as pop-ups, read captions and more.

Utilize Advanced Analytics with a Free Trial

See the power that actionable and flexible data can have in optimizing programs, making your engagement more robust and impacting sales. Current ON24 customers now have the opportunity to access a free 30-day trial of Advanced Analytics. The program provides access to some of ON24’s most powerful data and reporting, including:

  • Prospect Engagement Profiles: Examining each lead in-depth, including engagement, content journey and interaction details.
  • Account Engagement Report: Aggregating all engagement at the account level.
  • Account Engagement Profiles: Analyzing all engagement and interaction at a single-account level.
  • Funnel Analytics: Tracking every lead as they advance down the sales funnel.
  • Polls and Surveys Report: An aggregated view of poll and/or survey questions across all events.

Leverage All Your Engagement and Content Performance Data Insights

The ON24 API has been enhanced so users can efficiently turn engagement data into action. We’ve added and enhanced endpoints so you can leverage more data, such as:

  • Total views, unique viewers, total viewing duration, average viewing duration, downloads, likes, dislikes, comments and shares on content hosted in ON24 Engagement Hubs.
  • The specific date and time poll and survey responses were submitted, as well as resources last viewed.
  • … and a ton more!

There’s more to come! We’ll introduce exciting new features and functionality throughout 2020, so check back to see what else we’re cooking up.

Feature Friday: Ratings and Comments

Strategic content marketing doesn’t end with creating and distributing content, but rather improving approaches and iterating on best practices to extend reach. Key to driving that success is gathering feedback from audiences.

Within ON24 Engagement Hub and ON24 Target, Ratings and Comments enable you to continuously optimize your content strategies. When viewing content, the rating feature allows audiences to like or dislike content, while the comments feature allows them to provide qualitative feedback questions they have about a piece of content. All of this information can help you better optimize your content and program experiences.

To enable Ratings and Comments, go to the Overview page of your Engagement Hub or the Attributes page of your Target content page, and select “Enable Ratings and Comments.”

There are three settings available:

  • Disabled: The feature is disabled.
  • Enable Ratings Only: Enables only the ability to like or dislike on a particular piece of content.
  • Enable Ratings and Comments: Enables the ability to like or dislike content as well as the ability to provide feedback/comments.

With Ratings and Comments turned on, if a video is the hero or the initial piece of content on the page, then audiences can provide their ratings or comments without having to click into the content.

Now, I can’t end this blog without enabling you to provide ratings and comments. Check out our Personalize Your Content Experiences page and give us your feedback!

New at ON24: Improved Content Management for Engagement Hub

Our end-of-the-year gift to you: more features and efficient workflows to grow your engagement! To help you launch 2020 clean, we have completely refreshed navigation and interfaces within Engagement Hub experiences for both you and your audience. These capabilities will allow you to scale your workflows while improving audience content findability.

Here are a few highlights of what you will see in this upcoming release:

Easily Manage Content with New In-Product Navigation

We simplified the ON24 Engagement Hub in-product navigation so users have an easier time navigating the interface. The more intuitive workflows and processes should help you to easily manage content as you create bingeable experiences.

The Content Tab has also been overhauled to include a Category Window to view all created categories, a Content Table to organize content within a specific category and a Flyout Panel to view and modify content attributes. The result? Enhancements that make managing content effortless.

Scale and Foster Engagement with More Filter Tools

We’ve also added new filter groups to Engagement Hubs, meaning your audience members should be able to find the perfect piece of content more easily. You can create and organize filter groups based on content type, subject matter or specific campaigns.

The new interface offers a clean layout with filter dropdowns and selection displays, allowing your audience to easily find content that’s most relevant to them.

And that’s not all! We’ll soon be releasing exciting new features and capabilities for ON24 Webcast Elite, ON24 Intelligence and ON24 Connect in January 2020. Check back here in the new year to see what else is coming!

Feature Friday: ON24 Target Contact Us and Business Card

You have curated your best content and built a beautiful experience to highlight that content for your target audience. Your strategies have inspired prospects and customers to learn more. Now what?

Don’t lose ‘em now. With clear calls to actions, your odds of successfully moving prospects along the buyer journey improves dramatically. Using ON24 Target’s Contact Us and Business Card tools, you can create a seamless connection with your audience and ensure direct engagement is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, let’s bring a face to your experience! With the Business Card tool, you can provide viewers the ability to directly contact sales or marketing representatives — allowing you to humanize your digital experience.

The Business Card tool empowers audience members to decide when and how communication takes place. They can see the representative’s direct contact information and take action immediately or save the information to use at a more convenient time. Attendees can also use the single-click button to alert the assigned team or representative of an attendee’s interest in a product or solution.

To incorporate the Business Card, first go to the Tools tab of your Target page builder. Then drag the Business Card to the right of your experience. Once embedded, you can edit background colors, text and any messages.

We also recommend you add a photo of the representative in the Business Card to add a human touch to your digital experience. A recent study found that using a human photo over a generic icon (for example, a phone) can realize 48 percent more conversions. Adding a headshot creates an emotional connection that drives viewers to connect with you.

The Contact Us tool eliminates unnecessary steps and puts audience members in direct touch with you and your team. When an audience member clicks “Contact Us” within your Target experience, a pop-up will appear. There, he or she can enter in their information and include a short note to explain their level of interest or intent — no need to open an email application or copy and paste email addresses.

To add a Contact Us tile, navigate to the Tools tab within the Target page builder and drag the Contact Us tool wherever you’d like within your experience. You can edit the text, background color, button and colors, as well as add where the email will be sent in order to ensure that the right representatives are alerted.

Now that we’ve told you how ON24 Target gets your audiences to contact you, feel free to contact us!

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Target and building customizable CTAs and business cards, please contact us. If you’re an ON24 customer, contact your CSM to get started.

Feature Friday: Content Experience Builder

Buyers consume an average of 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase decision. Added to that, 97% of B2B buyers want to have relevant content that speak directly to their company.

In other words, the right, personalized content needs to get to your target audience at the right time in their buyer journey. But there are many factors that go into building engaging content experiences that take time and effort, such as organizing content, understanding what performs best per audience or persona, re-branding content, re-creating content experience pages and editing existing content. Managing and creating content experiences for your target audience, shouldn’t be a roadblock to executing your programs.

In order to scale and effectively reach audiences, you need to weed out time-consuming, complicated processes. With ON24 Target, building branded experiences that drive engagement is easy and effortless. Target’s Content Experience Builder is a dynamic tool that enables users to create beautiful experiences with the proper images and colors in a few simple steps.

Choose from various layouts, displaying a single video or even a multitude of related content on a page. Then simply drag and drop the best webinars, videos, documents and web pages into the chosen layout.

Customizing pages is easy. With robust styling options, from uploading banners, background images and thumbnails to selecting custom colors, fonts and images, and customizing border-radius and shadowing, you can efficiently create and deliver personalized content experience for your intended audience or account.

Break through the noise by packaging all relevant content into one experience—with an intuitive and easy workflow—to effectively engage your target audiences.

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Target and building personalized content experiences to support and scale account-based marketing, please contact us. If you’re an ON24 customer, contact your CSM to get started.

New at ON24: Increased Accessibility, Effortless One-Click Registration and Much More!

At ON24, we are committed to delivering digital experiences that are not only interactive and scalable but also easily accessible. So for Q3 2019, we are extremely excited to announce more capabilities and tools that ensure users continue to scale their programs and engage even more audiences.

Here are just a few highlights on what’s been cooking over here at ON24:

Increase Accessibility with New Automated Captioning

More than 5% of the world’s population are hearing impared. That equates to approximately 466 million people for whom you can tailor content. On top of that, even the hearing population is demanding more accessibility options. In today’s global economy, there is more need to scale programs to other countries and languages. And more and more individuals are watching your content while commuting, at work or anywhere where they want to option to choose whether audio is on or not. ON24 is excited to formally release auto-generated captioning with 12 languages supported for speech-to-text. Our new captioning technology allows users to:

  • Easily make changes to your on-demand captions with the new in-app editing tool.
  • Download your caption files in VTT file format to make changes in a different or preferred editor.
  • Control whether captions are shown to viewers by default or allow viewers to choose to view captions.
  • Auto-translate your captions to up to 62 languages.

Reduce Barriers to Ongoing Content Consumption

Related and recommended content and one-click registration can now link the experience between Webcast Elite and Engagement Hub, making viewing all of your content easier for your audience. By leveraging the new one-click registration feature, audience members only need to register once to access a webinar hosted in an Engagement Hub. After, they can easily register for all upcoming webinars with a single click without the redundant experience of a full registration page. Not only do you eliminate barriers to entry, but you also get unified registration information on your audience.

New registration page and content landing page designs within Engagement Hub also now boast related and recommended content sections which encourages ongoing content consumption. You can now display recommended and related content to ensure the right content is delivered to your audience at the right time while interest levels are high.

More Flexible Reporting

Engagement doesn’t end with a live webinar. With automatic on-demand, Engagement Hub, Target and other channels, many webinars see more viewership after the live date. To support efforts in understanding all your audiences, we’ve added more controls enabling you to better understand behaviors between live versus on-demand audiences.

  • The Webcast Intelligence Report has been redesigned to break out audiences via three sections: Summary (overall numbers), Live Performance and On-Demand Performance.
  • On the Webcast Intelligence Report Audience page, you can now filter and segment by registrants, attendees and no-shows.

We aim to ensure marketers are building the best digital experiences. Be sure to check out our Webinar Best Practices Series for tips and tricks to optimize your programs. And keep checking back in for more enhancements and new tools!

Feature Friday: Account Engagement Profile

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has grown to become one of the most effective approaches to impact business growth. ABM deeply engages target accounts for better ROI while strengthening the sales-marketing relationship. Not only do companies using ABM generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts, but 83% of marketers also say ABM increases engagement with target accounts, effectively making the marketing and sales process more efficient. 

ABM’s customer experience-first strategy enables B2B marketers to deliver the personalization needed to realize impactful growth. The ability to deliver that needed level of personalization is a robust, comprehensive view of those accounts’ engagement and interests. To enable marketers to understand their target accounts, ON24 developed the Account Engagement Profile (AEP). Key in scaling ABM efforts, the AEP is a cumulative report of all engagement from all individual prospects within the same business account. It compiles individual interests and interactions so marketers know what content resonates with the account. 

ON24 AEP details:

  • Account engagement metrics, such as average Engagement Score, total leads and more
  • Funnel Stages detailing the number of registrants and attendees in each stage of the buyer journey 
  • Recent content views and viewers of that specific content 
  • Recent interactions from each lead or prospect 

With the AEP in hand, ABM marketers are able to utilize these actionable insights to improve and deploy personalized campaigns that resonate with each lead and the entire account. 

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Intelligence, AEP and utilizing engagement insights to concentrate on target accounts, please contact us. If you’re an ON24 customer, learn more about AEP in the Knowledge Center.