Feature Friday: Secure Reporting to Stakeholders

At ON24, we value not only the security of each event — with unique features to encrypt data and to avoid unwanted audience members — but also the ensured privacy and security in reporting.

As an added layer to safeguard the data you collect, you can set up ON24 accounts to require a valid ON24 login to view webinar performance reports. To complement this setting, we’ve recently added more reporting features to both efficiently and securely inform internal and external stakeholders of performance.

Grant and Revoke Access with Report Access Permissions

With new report access permissions, users can easily grant and/or revoke report access to and from any external stakeholders, such as partners or extended team members without designated ON24 logins. This is especially useful if you produce partner webinars and need to regularly update them on program performance, such as registration, attendance and engagement. With these new permissions, they can access the report at any time with a unique report URL designated for their email address. Additionally, save yourself from the cumbersome chore of having to repeatedly download and send reports to these stakeholders.

To grant report permissions, users simply add each stakeholder’s email address in the permissions list. Only those selected will receive a unique link via email to view those reports. You not only can set expiration dates for report access, but also easily revoke access at any time — it’s that simple!

Remove Personally Identifiable Information

To support compliance needs, or to simply limit the distribution of audience personal details, users can hide personally identifiable information (PII) from reporting. With this setting, you can still inform stakeholders of overall performance but still protect your audiences’ privacy by excluding sensitive information.

To send a reporting link without PII, simply look for “Include Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in report” in your Report Access Permissions panel and toggle the button to off. When the switch is off, PII such as name, email address, physical address and phone number will be hidden. These details will still show in reports when logged into the ON24 platform, but will be excluded from the reports sent to external stakeholders.

With these new features, your reports and audience details remain secure, all while effectively reporting on webinar performance.

If you’d like to learn more about the ON24 Platform and how it secures your information and events, please contact us. If you’re already using ON24, please contact your CSM.

New at ON24: Automated Captioning Controls, Expanded Journey Controls and Much More!

The ON24 Platform continues to help you engage audiences no matter where they are and the content consumption journey they’re on. With our latest product release, we have added exciting enhancements that enable you to better capture audience attention and engage prospects and customers. Here’s a bit of what to expect:

Added Flexibility with New Automated Captioning Controls

Last year, we introduced the ability to add automated captions with translation capabilities to your on-demand and simulive webinars— enabling you to not only reach those who are hearing impaired but also a global audience without needing to recreate webinars in multiple languages.

With this release, you can leverage new automated captioning controls to activate or deactivate each on-demand caption file per webinar, giving you more flexibility on when captions should appear. When the event is available on-demand and after the captions are automatically created, webinar producers have the ability to select which captions should or should not be shown to audience members. This allows you more time to review or edit these captions before they are released. Additionally, you can select which captions are needed for particular audiences.

For example, you can display English, French and Vietnamese captions, or even decide to not display one or any at all—but still have the files to use later.

Continue Ongoing Content Journeys and Capture Feedback Through Post-Live Engagement

We’ve made enhancements to the Call-to-Action (CTA) tool so you can continue to move prospects and customers through to curated content experiences or to capture feedback simultaneously.

If you have a CTA and a survey set to appear at the end of a live webinar, both can be displayed to catch attendees when they’re most engaged. The post-live survey will be shown as an overlay on top of the CTA—so audience members see a sneak peek—and after submittal, the CTA(s) will be fully revealed. With these post-live tools working together, users can easily capture audience interest and intent.

For both post-live CTAs and CTAs in the audience console for any type of webinar, we’ve also added the ability to auto-register attendees to a customized content landing page built with ON24 Target. By auto-registering, eliminate any redundant forms so attendees can easily and seamlessly access all the content in your page—no need for audiences to fill out their information again while you still gather audience engagement and content consumption details. By removing barriers, your prospects and customers can and will consume more content.

Securely Inform All Stakeholders of Webinar Success

We’ve added new reporting features to securely and easily inform all stakeholders—internal and external—of webinar performance. With new Report Access Permissions, grant and/or revoke report access to and from any external stakeholders, such as partners, or internal team members without designated ON24 accounts. Simply add or remove each stakeholder’s email address in the permissions list. With these permission options, only those that you select will receive the unique link to review your reports.

And with this release comes a ton more to help you grow and scale your digital experiences! Be sure to check out our Webinar Best Practices Series for tips and tricks to optimize your programs.

Feature Friday: Facilitating Multi-Presenter Webinars

When it comes to presenting webinars, sometimes more is merrier — especially when a subject requires multiple perspectives or explanations. To that end, ON24 Webcast Elite makes it easy to host up to eight presenters in one webinar. That’s up to eight presenters bouncing off each other, making the content fun, conversational and engaging.

If you have multiple presenters, not only does presenting with webcam or video allow audiences to follow who is speaking but also creates a more “human” connection to each presenter. To facilitate this, Webcast Elite offers multiple presenter layouts and audio connection types to support each type of webinar and presenter.

Flexible Webcam Layouts

The Media Player can show all presenters who are attending the webinar via webcam simultaneously. Voice-activated switching highlights whoever’s presenting and seamlessly switches to a new speaker when it’s their turn to present.

But say you want a webinar layout that doesn’t need voice-activated switching. No worries. You choose from three different presenter layout options and even change the layout during the webinar. To select your layout, log into the presenter tool, navigate to Control Panel and then Layout. From there, you can choose to display:

One Presenter at Time: This layout is ideal to showcase presenters in sequential order. Voice-activated switching will display only who is actively speaking.

Four Presenters Simultaneously: This layout will display four presenters simultaneously, each with their own equally-sized window. All presenters can be heard and seen at the same time. This layout is ideal for four or fewer presenters using a webcam. This layout is particularly great for panel discussions, with panelists continuing to bounce off each other!

All Presenters Shown: With this layout, up to eight presenters can be shown at once, with all presenters able to be heard and seen at the same time. The presenter who is actively speaking will be shown in a larger view while the remaining presenters will be shown below. We recommend this layout if there is a moderator with a group of subject matter experts or panelists.

Multiple Audio Connection Types

While we encourage leveraging video to make your webinars more engaging, we understand that presenters can have different comfort levels. In a panel discussion, maybe one presenter is great on camera but another strongly prefers to not be seen. This doesn’t mean you are limited to audio-only for the entire webinar.

When using live video and audio, presenters can choose to connect via dial-in, webcam or PC microphone. Accounts can also be set up to connect via video conferencing units. Each presenter can choose which connection type is better for them. For example, one presenter can connect via webcam and computer mic while another presenter can choose to use the dial-in number. This way, you can alleviate any presenter nerves while still using video.

Whether you’re hosting a fireside chat, roundtable or moderated panel, ON24 Webcast Elite offers the flexibility needed to support any type of event to ensure increased engagement and connection between audience members and presenters.

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Webcast Elite and building engaging digital experiences, watch our demo. If you’re an ON24 customer, contact your CSM to learn more on how to leverage best practices to engage audiences.

Feature Friday: Do Not Fear the Friday Webinar

Oh, Fridays. The end of the workweek and the start of the weekend. Some relax and take it easy. Some need to attend to last-minute to-dos. Most, I hope, read Feature Friday blog posts (thank you!). One thing you might not think happens often on a Friday, however, is a webinar. But the times are changing!

Due to concerns that audiences would not be available, marketers often avoided hosting a Friday webinar. But running webinars on the last day of the business week may be key to increasing conversion and lead rates and connecting with prospects and customers.

Audiences are now just as engaged on a Tuesday as a Friday. In our 2020 Webinar Benchmarks Report, we noted that the mid-week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, were the best days to host a webinar. But the massive shift to remote work due to COVID-19 health concerns has opened up Friday as another great day to host.

Friday’s Numbers Overall

Here’s a quick breakdown of why Friday has become an ideal day to run webinars: Between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, webinars hosted on Fridays saw a registration to attendance conversion increase of nearly 10% — a number that’s expected to grow. When comparing engagement during the first week March (right before most United States lockdowns began due to the spread of COVID-19) versus the first week of April (after more cities and states instituted lockdowns), Friday webinar attendance increased by 406% globally.

Previously, Fridays weren’t a critical part of the webinar equation. Now, however, Fridays are seemingly becoming part of the Friday fold. The ON24 Platform also experienced a 173% increase in the number of Friday events between the first week of March and the first week of April.

Strategic Friday Webinars

So what about when there isn’t a massive stay at home movement? How can webinar practitioners strategically use Fridays to their advantage?

Anecdotally, we’ve found Fridays for recurring events like our Daily Demo. Contrary to what you might expect, the Daily Demos on Friday have traditionally generated the most leads out of all the days in the week. This makes sense from a certain perspective: Fridays are good days to catch up on emails, calls or other low-priority tasks you haven’t had the chance to manage earlier in the week. A 30-minute demo is an easy addition to round out a week.

In sum: If you want and need more availability and engagement opportunities, you don’t have to fear hosting a Friday webinar. Your audiences can still attend and engage with you and your content.

Be sure to check out our 2020 Webinar Benchmarks Report to gain more perspective and insights on digital experiences.

How ON24 Supports Your Privacy and Security

ON24 remains the trusted partner to host and execute webinars of all sizes, with an unwavering commitment to user privacy and security. Your event’s success should not only be measured by registration/attendance and your audience’s engagement, but also by the overall execution of the event. Here are a few ways we help you manage and secure your events:

Data Encryption and Privacy Law Compliance

ON24 encrypts all sensitive information: data in transit (moving through a browser, and back and forth), data at rest (sitting in the database) and backups. Data at rest is safeguarded with self-encrypting drives and all data in transit is secured using SSL certificates issued by a trusted provider.

ON24 is dedicated to helping you comply with applicable privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in connection with your collection of data on the ON24 Platform. You can read more here.

Tools Built to Support Audience Access Requirements

ON24 does not dictate what information you need to collect and how it can and should be used — you do. When building your digital experience registration pages, you decide what you want to capture. ON24 does not require any particular field in the registration page, and all forms and pages are protected by the browser.

Event protection isn’t limited to registration. Maybe you want to limit attendees to a defined group? For added layers of audience security, leverage additional webinar security options:

  • Domain Filtering: Block or allow registrants from a defined set of domains or email addresses. For example, block users from the acme.com domain and add specific emails as exceptions. You can also just as easily only allow visitors from specific domains.
  • HTTP Referrer: Require that all registrants access the webinar from a link on a webpage on an assigned HTTP referrer location.
  • Password: Require audiences to enter a password to register and log into the webinar.
  • SAML/Single Sign-On: Integrating with Active Directory or your company’s sign-on system for maximum security.
  • Registration Capacity: Limit the number of registrants on a per-webinar basis.

Securing Presenter, Producer and Audience Access

To ensure only desired content is presented, only designated presenters or producers can have the ability to present to the audience. Each webinar produced with ON24 Webcast Elite has specific presenter links that are not public and can be password protected to ensure only select presenters can access. Only users with these designated and private links can start, host and present on a webinar, and only they can share their screen, show videos or any other content.

By default, distributed audience links only give audience members access to view and interact with the content.

With all these unique features to manage your audience and event production, rest assured that ON24 is there to support the security of each and every webinar.

If you’d like to learn more about the ON24 Platform and how it secures your information and events, please contact us. If you’re already using ON24, please contact your CSM.

Feature Friday: Humanizing Your Digital Experiences

There are a few benefits to realize by moving an in-person event to a digital one: no need to rent a huge conference space and limiting attendee travel time. However, we understand there’s something in the magic of being face-to-face, connecting with others on an intimate level.

At ON24, we love fostering that human interaction in the digital world. Here are three unique ways you can successfully extend your event from in-person to digital while continuing to drive engagement and connection.

Show Your Face

Showing your face during your webinar makes the whole experience less robotic. Attendees want to not only hear but also see, excitement for your content.

Simply turning on webcam or video capabilities add another dynamic to your entire event. Don’t worry about how you look as the preview window will ensure that you see what your audience sees. You can also incorporate Broadcast Video to bring broadcast-quality HD video to your webinars.

Use CTAs to Easily Lead Audiences to the Next Session

Physically running from one session to another can be stressful. With the CTA engagement tool, audiences are guided into the next session to continue their learning and engagement.

When creating your CTA, simply select the Webcast option and put in the audience URL. As long as the registration fields are the same, attendees will be auto-registered to the next event without needing to re-type all their information.

If the next session already started, attendees will dive right in. If it hasn’t started, attendees will see a landing page noting they are registered for the next session. That page will then be refreshed to allow the attendee to start viewing when the webinar does start. No need to rush to the other end of the conference hall!

The CTA tool can be set up as:

    • Always on the console: Allow the attendee to check out another session whenever.
    • Post-live: The CTA will be launched when the presenter ends the current webinar.

The CTA can also lead attendees to visit another webpage, to contact you or visit an ON24 Engagement Hub. If you’re an ON24 customer, check out the knowledge center for more best practices or contact your Customer Success Manager to see how else you can leverage the CTA tool.

Encourage Networking via Chat

One of the best aspects of an in-person event or conference is all the networking. From connecting with other like-minded individuals during a breakout session to those side conversations in the hallway, events foster meeting new individuals to grow professionally. With ON24’s Chat engagement tool, audiences and attendees can not only engage with your content but also with each other — digitally!

With Chat, attendees are able to interact and exchange ideas. They will feel like they are still part of a larger audience, just sitting digitally next to one another. Another added benefit of digital networking is unlike a physical event with many side discussions, all chats in an ON24 event are still logged in the webinar reporting.

…But wait, there’s more!

The ON24 Platform is built for engagement. Other features such as the Q&A, polls and surveys continue to allow audiences to stay engaged, interact and connect with the presenter.

Ready to go digital? Check out our Taking Your In-Person Events Digital guide to leverage the ON24 Platform to scale, reach broad audiences and deliver event ROI.

Feature Friday: Build a Global Brand with ON24

The world is a lot smaller thanks to technology and the internet. You can get your hands on a jacket from that super-hip foreign brand and just as easily as you can reach global audiences in various time zones through digital channels.

Scale Your Global Brand Outreach with ON24

Webinerd in a green jacket adjusts data to reduce churn for her company.

ON24 powers digital experiences across the world, continually focusing on scalability so you can easily and efficiently showcase your content worldwide. Robust features across the ON24 Platform alleviate the pains of reaching a different market and audience, while still offering flexibility in building engaging experiences. Let’s explore how ON24’s tools turn your company name into a global brand.

Localize Branded Content

The first step to reaching global audiences is offering content in local languages. The ON24 Platform can localize messages and labels on webinars, content hubs and customized landing pages into up to 34 languages, creating a digital experience specifically for that region. Additionally, ON24 Engagement Hub features support audience content-binging regionally. With filters, such as specifying best content for certain markets, those around the world can easily find content that is not only the most relevant but also presented in the preferred language.

      NVIDIA uses Engagement Hub to support regional replays.

Adjust for Time Zones

With Simulive or Sim2Live in ON24 Webcast Elite, users can scale the reach of a single webinar in local time zones with all the elements of a live webinar, without requiring presenters to adjust schedules or present multiple times. Simply record the event and set it for the ideal times in the targeted region. Simulive and Sim2Live let audiences engage with the webinar with polls, downloadable resources and asking questions. Often, they won’t even know the webinar not “live.” And with Sim2Live, you can also switch over to live mode for further interaction and live engagement. These essential features allow you to easily engage in regional audiences and drive global programs.

Deliver Translated Captions

Last year, ON24 Webcast Elite released Automated Captioning so you can not only increase audience accessibility but also reach global audiences. Powerful speech-to-text technology creates captions when presenting in one of more than 10 languages and those captions can be auto-translated into more than 60 languages. And with an easy-to-use in-app editing tool, users can edit those captions for accuracy. Enabling translated captions allows you to reach more audiences without needing to find a different speaker to communicate in the local languages to deliver your brand’s message.

An event presented in English and with Japanese captions.

If you’d like to learn more about scaling your digital experiences for global audiences, please contact us. If you’re already using ON24, please contact your CSM.

Feature Friday: Building Brand-Binging with Engagement Hub

The content binge — where audiences consume a range of content in one sitting — is now standard. While Netflix and Hulu started it all with binge-watching services for consumers, B2B marketers are cementing “the binge” as a valuable marketing tactic with powerful content hubs.

The Brand and Binge

Being “binge-worthy” today means not only creating a strong attachment with audiences, but providing content they want and need when they want and need it — making it easy to stay connected with your brand.

ON24’s Engagement Hub makes it easy for you to package up your best content in a single, coherent hub and provide your prospects and customers the opportunity to binge. Best of all,  it’s reproducible, allowing you to consistently showcase your brand as audience members move along their respective content journeys.

Design Your Content Experience

Engagement Hub empowers your organization to put your brand in its best light — no matter where it is. Content in an Engagement Hub can be hosted either as a standalone content library or embedded in your corporate website. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Standalone: Easily customize and add images to make it look like a single webpage to promote related content, a digital event or conference and much more.
  • Embedded: Add styling elements that seamlessly blends your Hub in with your website and ensures content findability.

With Engagement Hub, you can add your own banners, colors, custom fonts and get down to particular details such as tile styling and shadowing. Additionally, choose from multiple layout options with featured content and carousel playlists that let all of your content shine.

If you’d like to learn more about how ON24 Engagement Hub supports building branded content experiences, check out this on-demand demo. 

Provide Content Hubs to Love

The Media Manager also enables you to easily manage and publish all your multimedia assets, from webinars to videos to ebooks and more. All of these content types are essential to building your brand and they should be highlighted.

We love NVIDIA’s Engagement Hub, which recently won best Hub during the annual Webinars that Rocked webinar. Branded to perfection, NVIDIA’s Hub utilizes and presents their brand colors, images and everything that makes it NVIDIA.

The hub also supports regional replays, ensuring the NVIDIA brand is globally recognized. With filters for country or language, those around the world can quickly find the most relevant content for them. And then registration pages, such as for a webinar, are in the local language.

You know those awesomely seductive Netflix suggestions that keep you sucked in? With Related and Recommended Content, you can also keep your audience glued into your Hub. Set related content for each content piece so when an audience member views one, they can select what else to watch or read based on your suggestions.

If you’d like to learn more about how ON24 Engagement Hub supports building branded content experiences, check out this on-demand demo. If you’re already leveraging Engagement Hub, check out guides in the ON24 Knowledge Center to design and customize your Hub.

Feature Friday: ON24 Target Analytics

American businesses owe a lot to Peter Drucker, the business philosopher who both coined the term “knowledge worker” and laid the foundations for modern management. For marketers, though, he gave us this common axiom: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

His truism still holds today, especially as marketing strategy adopts a more data-centric approach. At ON24, actionable and flexible data has and always will be one of our strategic development focus areas.

How ON24 Target Drive Data Insights

To help you refine your marketing strategy, and continue to build and scale your account-based marketing efforts, we’ve designed ON24 Target to provide you with valuable data insights. Target’s data engine ensures you capture in-depth content performance and key audience engagement data to optimize your campaigns for target accounts and personas.

From your Target dashboard, you can review details such as:

  • Overview: Total page views, average engagement minutes and more across all of your published custom and personalized content experience pages.
  • Engagement By Role: Understand which audiences are engaging and their average engagement minutes.
  • Content Performance: Performance of each individual content piece compared with others, with the ability to easily filter based on views, unique viewers and average engagement minutes.
  • Overall Page Performance: Analyze performance trends over time, with the ability to focus on most recent, top-performing or lowest-performing content. Additionally, you can segment by page views, leads, inbound engagement, and more.

Compare and contrast

In addition to the engagement and content performance shown on the dashboard, you can also compare Target page performance across multiple and select pages in one view. See which pages are performing better and which pages resonate most with audiences

With ON24 Target’s powerful analytics, you can deliver the right content at the right time, educate your audience and accelerate the buyer’s journey. Use this data to build more personalized, relevant content experiences your audience demands!

If you’d like to learn more about ON24 Target and actionable data to support and scale account-based marketing, check out a Target demo. If you’re an ON24 customer, contact your CSM to get started.