Reaching and Engaging Vertical Markets With ON24 Target

For growing organizations, selling a world-class product isn’t enough. They need to shift from selling horizontal product offerings to providing holistic vertical solutions addressing a customer’s specific needs.

But proving that your company solves unique problems in a particular industry or buyer is challenging — especially when most of your market-facing content is designed for a broader audience. To provide the right content experience for target industries, vertical marketers need to create and establish a sub-brand that curates and delivers relevant experiences.

ON24 Target helps you to build the right experience with unique, easy-to-use layouts that don’t require any web development experience.  Simply select your preferred layout and drag and drop in your desired content. Easily customize messages and CTAs for select vertical audiences to create a buyer’s journey specific to an industry and their needs.

When verticalizing Target pages, a best practice to follow is to ungate an intro piece of content or video. By ungating your hero piece of content, your audience can quickly learn more about your company and be encouraged to consume more content. And with web cookies, you don’t need to worry about losing that lead activity.

Vertically-targeted experiences ensure your audience is served the most relevant content to influence their purchasing decisions.

To learn more about creating ongoing content journeys for industries, watch our quick demo.

Localizing Experiences for Regional Markets

As marketers, it’s crucial to have an understanding of your target customers to make sure the campaign you create will resonate and convert. So when it comes to marketing to a specific region, it’s important to understand that particular audience’s needs, interests and market maturity. Leading with empathy will provide you with the information you need to create localized experiences.

Exceed Your Expectations

Entering a new market doesn’t mean starting from scratch, but a little personalization can go a long way. Consider what corporate content needs to be re-written and what types of micro-campaigns should be launched to grow your local brand footprint.

Likely, you won’t convince your corporate marketing team to translate your entire website. But with ON24 Target you can build, test and deliver localized digital experiences quickly, without needing web development support.

How ON24 Target Helps Localize

ON24 Target helps you create regional webpages to engage local markets with the content most relevant to their interests. You can easily duplicate the pages you’ve created, repurpose your best performing content and quickly move on to another region while adjusting for optimal content and CTA’s.

Regional marketers need to speak the local language — and sometimes that means literally. Translate the language on each page for easy consumption and leverage content that has been created for the region. You can also use closed captioning and translations to repurpose your content if you’re repurposing existing webinars.

Always Consider the Territory

Localizing Content Hubs in English

Localizing Content Hubs in Spanish

Consider what’s happening to prospects in that territory. Maybe the region has an event coming up, or you’re currently running a promotion on a product. Simply customize messages, banners and CTAs for each respective region and their needs. To ensure that your regional sales team receives the necessary info they need, you can set up a unique registration for the pages, ensuring that you capture important lead details that support their ongoing campaigns.

With customizable, interactive pages, you can create a personalized content experience for regional audiences.

To learn more about how you can scale your regional marketing efforts, watch our quick demo.

Account-Based Engagement That Scales

Successful account-based marketing (ABM) is all about how you drive engagement. That means reimagining how you market to an audience and measure meaningful interactions. The best way to do that is to create personalized content experiences that capture audience interests and guide them on a customized digital journey.

Finding ABM Content to Scale

But where does all that content come from? When it comes to investing in ABM programs, marketers are most concerned with finding a budget for the content, according to the 2019 ABM Market Research Report from Engagio and Salesforce Pardot. But it’s not just about creating massive amounts of content. It’s about getting smarter about the content you have and how you can make it most effective. With ON24, you can scale account-based marketing programs by easily creating and delivering customized content experiences tailored to each account.

Two things will occur once you start creating a series of content. First, you’ll identify the gaps where you need to create more. Second, you’ll see the engagement trends that’ll help you bucket similar accounts.

How ON24 Target Helps ABM Succeed

ON24 Target’s code-free page builder allows you to easily create, duplicate and rebrand pages. You can showcase your best performing content or easily drag and drop to add more relevant material for a specific account. You can also identify design opportunities to customize pages for a particular account or create personalized CTAs that convert at a higher rate.

So when your sales team throws you an account list of a handful or even hundreds of target accounts, getting personalized will no longer seem like a massive project. You can replicate experiences for different sales reps that incorporate their direct contact information on each page, ensuring a humanized experience for every interaction.

With informative and interactive pages, you can create a personalized brand experience for target accounts and accelerate buyer journeys.

To learn more about how you can scale your ABM campaigns, watch our quick demo.

Six Ways to Create Personalized B2B Content at Scale

Digital marketing has provided endless opportunities to share your message with the world. But in a crowded, competitive market, cutting through the noise to reach the people you care about the most can be a huge challenge.

That’s why marketers are changing strategies. They are now focused on creating personalized and relevant content experiences to reach target accounts and personas.

Personalization Evolution: from B2C to B2B

Personalization started in the B2C world and has quickly become the norm. So much so, that 78% of consumers will only engage offers if they’re personalized to previous engagements with the brand. Like many effective B2C strategies, personalization is taking off in B2B as new technologies enter the market. Which is good news for marketers, since individual stakeholders within companies who perceived supplier content to be tailored to their specific needs were 40% more willing to buy from that supplier than stakeholders who didn’t.

Of course, strategies for B2C and B2B will never really match up. For enterprises, the increased value of personalization doesn’t come from slapping a person’s name on your product or having the data to know what the weather is like in their city. It’s about exposing leads to the most relevant information for their interests while creating an engaging buying experience that increases a company’s overall conversion rates.

Six Common Personalization Opportunities

At ON24, we’re seeing more and more businesses creating personalized content experiences to scale targeted engagements. Here are the six most common applications:

  1. Account-Based Marketing – An experience curated for target accounts based on their interests, account-specific needs and buying journeys.
  2. Vertical Marketing – Distributing packaged or nuanced content to better resonate with target industries.
  3. Regional Marketing – Supporting local interests and customizing content experiences for different languages.
  4. Sales Enablement – Empowering sales reps to drive their own personalized campaigns or follow-up from conversations.
  5. Customer Engagement – Enabling teams to engage customers with the right information throughout the customer lifecycle.
  6. And lastly, Digital Events – Extending the value of event content and reaching a broader audience.

Creating custom engagement might seem like a daunting project, but the returns – both from efficiencies of scale and from booked business – will quickly justify the effort. With a little organization and the right tools to distribute personalized experiences, you can evolve your brand.

To learn more about how you can create targeted experiences, watch our quick demo.