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Add-on services

Enabling best in class digital experiences

From speaker training and event support to transcriptions and quality assurance, ON24’s suite of add-on services provides your team with the necessary support to ensure your webinars run smoothly from start to finish. Our customer service packages and subscriptions encompass five options, ranging from basic guidance that’ll kickstart your webinar program to premium event management that’ll ensure your team has the support it needs when it needs it. Enabling best-in-class digital experiences is a team effort. The ON24 team is here to coach you at every step of the way.

ON24 Customer Service Packages

Our premium event management package

Need assistance managing your event from start to finish?

Provides comprehensive event management including:

1. Webcast Kick-off Call and Project Plan

2. Event setup using ON24 platform

3. Standard Registration Page: includes branded graphic, descriptive text and standard registration fields, and Standard Lobby Page: branded graphic, descriptive text and standard ON24 help page link



4. Standard Event Console Page: includes branded graphic, choice of background color, standard slide area, Q&A area, speaker bio/info area, and other Platform 10 widgets as applicable

5. Event email(s) set up

6. Presentation Manager XD setup

7. Presenter orientation & training

8. Live event monitoring (up to 90 minutes)

9. Archive creation and publishing


Express monitor Package

Provides comprehensive event support and live event management.

Need assistance on your event live day?

Our Express Monitor Package provides up to 2.5 hours of event support including:

1. 30-minute pre-call prior to live event start time to orient your presenters on the PMXD platform and answer any questions they may have prior to going live.

2. Up to 90-minutes of live event monitoring which includes providing technical assistance to attendees and presenters, monitoring the webcast stream for quality, and escalating any concerns that may arise post event.


Webinar Speaker Training & Dry Run

The Webinar Speaker Training and Dry Run service provides technical training on the PMXD platform, and general best practices guidance to the presenter(s) prior to the live webinar day.

The ON24 Trainer will spend up to one hour with the presenters and moderator to review the ON24 Presenter tool and discuss key best practices, review show flow and confirm various technical aspects to help ensure the delivery of a successful event.

This package provides support up to 1.5 hours for the training and dry run.

Webinar Speaker Training

Transcription & Closed Captioning Service

The Transcription & Closed Captioning service provides the services to transcribe an event that is up to 90 minutes in length, and upload the transcription to the ON24 platform to provide a closed caption on the event for either On-Demand or Simulive webinars. This provides added accessibility for those who are hearing impaired. This service provides an English transcript for an event up to 90 minutes in length and the services to upload and confirm the closed captioning functionality for the event.

For languages other than English a quote is required.

This service is not available for Simulive to Live events.