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In our increasingly global marketplace, ongoing corporate training is critically important. Companies that succeed will be the ones that make the most effective use of available resources, and the best way to do this is to have well-educated employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.

The ON24 Virtual Environment platform is designed for companies seeking an engaging, interactive solution for delivering high-quality virtual training. The combination of virtual locations, collaboration, social networking and gamification allows companies to engage and interact with audiences of all types.

Applications for ON24 Virtual Environments include: New Hire Onboarding, Leadership Development, Sales Enablement, and Employee Training. Request a demo  ››

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Benefits of Virtual Environments

  • Engaging Virtual Experiences

    Engaging Virtual Experiences

    With a virtual environment, companies can offer their audience an engaging virtual learning experience with interactive locations, webcasts, social networking, scheduled chats, idea storming, blogs, and more.

  • Interactivity & Social Networking

    Interactivity & Social Networking

    ON24 Virtual Environments offer a wide variety of interactive and social media features, including idea storming, social networking, group discussions, application sharing, scheduled chats, peer-to-peer collaboration, blogs, and much more.

  • Access to Experts & Coaches

    Access to Experts & Coaches

    Using the ON24 Virtual Environment, companies can leverage their coaches, mentors and subject matter experts’ valuable knowledge and experience by making it easy for them to interact with new hires and other employees.

  • Enterprise Security and Reliability

    Enterprise Security and Reliability

    Built for extremely secure, reliable, and scalable applications, the ON24 platform has redundant data centers, high-performance servers, and a world-class network. It also includes advanced security features such as single sign-on, SAML-based authentication, and role-based access.

  • Design Your Environment with Drag & Drop Tools

    Design Your Environment with “Drag & Drop” Tools

    To simplify the process for designing virtual environments, ON24 provides a visual layout editor, which enables companies to easily build and customize locations, upload content, add webcasts, and incorporate various types of interactive and networking features.

  • Measure, Analyze, Adjust, and Optimize

    Measure, Analyze, Adjust, and Optimize

    ON24 Virtual Environments track all activity metrics – including attendee behavior, content access, and social networking interactions – enabling assessment of user participation, feedback, and completion rates. The ON24 platform generates reporting ranging from high-level executive summaries to detailed “per individual” activity reports.

What can I use Virtual Environments for?

  • User Conferences

      ›› Increase the number of event attendees

      ›› Reduce event costs by up to 90% by eliminating venue, travel, and speaker expenses

      ›› Extending your reach to a global audiences

      ›› Increase the number of expert-led sessions by enabling them to participate remotely

  • Talent Management

      ›› Simplify and personalize your training by guiding learners on intuitive tailored paths

      ›› Reach global audiences while reducing training costs by up to 90%

      ›› Improve employee engagement and networking via social media, collaboration tools, blogs, gamification, and more

      ›› Deliver interactive content to your employees on their tablets and mobile phones

  • Human Resources

      ›› Extend the reach of your recruiting and education programs to a global audience, while significantly reducing costs

      ›› Provide timely open enrollment benefits information to employees

      ›› Drive awareness of specific benefits programs, such as 529 college savings plans and 401K retirement programs.

      ›› Extend reach and value of your town hall or all-hands meetings

  • Example Applications

      ››Sales Kickoffs

      ››Partner Enablement

      ››Product Launches

      ››Key Account Showcases

      ››View case study


      ››New Hire Onboarding

      ››Leadership Development

      ››Sales Enablement

      ››Employee Training

      ››View case study



      ››Benefits Education

      ››Town Hall Meetings

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