Event Portal

Event Portal

What Is An Event Portal?

Extend the Life of Your Physical Conferences

User conferences and sales kickoff events play an important role in training, networking and information sharing. Such face-to-face conferences, however, are significant investments for many companies.

And while a large amount of information can be conveyed, the value of the session content typically ends with the conference. The ON24 Event Portal was developed to address this challenge. By creating a searchable online directory, the Event Portal allows captured session content to be used for revenue-generating and cost-saving applications – such as lead generation, sales enablement and partner training.

With Event Portal, the value and return-on-investment of your physical event can be dramatically increased.


Extending Physical Event ROI

The ON24 Event Portal can include hundreds of recorded session webcasts that can be watched on computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Content managers can add, organize and manage webcasts at any time to keep the Event Portal content up-to-date.

Viewers can use keyword search to identify a webcast – or section of a webcast – that interests them. The search process looks for keywords in the webcast title, summary, slide content, slide notes and transcript. Clicking on the search results in the slides or transcripts takes the user to the associated section of the webcast.

Common applications for the Event Portal are:

  • Sales Enablement
  • Partner Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Company Training

With ON24 Event Portal, event organizers get detailed reporting on user activity and interests. The online reporting system includes summary statistics and details about attendee viewing behavior. These reports also provide metrics on the specific individuals who viewed the portal webcasts.

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