Virtual Trade Shows

The industry trade show has been a marketing staple for many years. It provides companies the opportunity to highlight their products and increase their exposure to a wide audience of industry insiders and potential customers. Unfortunately, as budgets get tighter, fewer customers are willing to spend the money to travel to large industry trade shows or sacrifice the time away from their business.

Increase the audience size and lifespan of trade shows with ON24 virtual events.

Why ON24?

The ON24 “virtual trade show” is a fully customizable three-dimensional virtual event that replicates the traditional show experience with features like an auditorium for live and on-demand presentations, an expo hall for sponsored virtual trade show booths, and networking lounges for attendee interaction. The primary difference is that the virtual show can be viewed by anybody, from anywhere in the world.

ON24 Virtual Show: An Interactive Experience

The ON24 Virtual Show not only increases the reach of your event but also the level of engagement. The virtual show integrates applications to support live chat, real-time polling and surveys, social media, v-card exchange, and collaboration tools to create a fully interactive virtual experience.

More Effective Lead Scoring

While live events capture general attendance information, the ON24 Virtual Show reporting tools allow you to collect much more granular information about the behavior of your virtual attendees. Key analytics such as presentations viewed, viewing length, content downloaded, and responses to polls and surveys enableyou to create a detailed customer profile, for more effective lead scoring.

The Show Must Go On…

The ON24 Virtual Show is not restricted by the time limitations of a live event. Your live event may end, but by making your content available on demand, the virtual show lives on to extend the life of your presentations and content and increase the size of your audience. Whether you create a live/virtual hybrid event or a stand-alone virtual trade show, ON24 virtual communications have re-defined the industry trade show.


  • Trade shows
  • Sales kickoffs
  • Partner training
  • User conferences
  • Career fairs