Virtual Training

The rise of Virtual Talent Development reflects the need for companies to deliver engaging training and ensure that learners can access the training materials anytime, anywhere. And,
given shrinking budgets, the new training programs must be more cost-effective than
traditional learning methods.

Virtual Talent DevelopmentImmersive environments and ease-of-use

Companies like Marriott, Sodexo, Merck, PwC and State Farm are generating up to 90% in cost-savings by implementing virtual talent development programs for employee onboarding, leadership development, sales enablement and ongoing employee training programs.

How It Works

Virtual learning environments provide employees with a choice of learning methods, enabling them to learn in the ways that work best for them. Employees can access course material 24/7, including listening to lectures and engaging in chat room-style discussions. Subject matter experts from anywhere in the world can participate as online facilitators, further enhancing the real-world applicability of lessons and quality of learning experiences.

Virtual Coaching and Mentoring
Virtual Coaching and Mentoring

Key competitive functionalities
of the ON24 Virtual Talent Development include:

  » Industry-leading webcasting platform that combines instructor-led
training with attendee collaboration and social networking
  » Comprehensive social learning tools for group discussion, networking,
employee feedback, and peer-to-peer collaboration
  » Enterprise-class platform designed to be extremely secure, reliable,
and scalable including role-based access and SAML authentication.
  » Completely multilingual environment, including the ability to “toggle”
between 15 languages in real time
  » “Out of the box” support for mobile learning (tablets and phones) for both
instructors and participants
  » Real-time measurement of training participation


  • New Hire Orientation
  • Benefits Training
  • Company Policy Updates
  • Compliance Training
  • Harassment Training

Technical Requirements:

To protect the integrity of the network, enterprises have many requirements relating to events that take place inside their network perimeter. ON24 offers advanced support for the following areas:

  • Media Distribution behind the firewall
  • Media Distribution across multiple networks
  • Security of content
  • Authentication of participants utilizing corporate Active Directory and similar directory structures

Read more information about Technical Guidelines.