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Virtual Training for
Sales & Partner Enablement

The success of your sales team is key to the overall success of your company. Providing your sales force with up-to-date training, tools and resources is a critical business function. However, taking sales teams out of the field for regular training and updates is both costly and detrimental to business continuity. This problem increases as sales teams become more geographically dispersed and require training and support in other time zones and languages.

Bring training content directly to your sales teams with virtual training and sales enablement solutions from ON24.

Why ON24?

ON24 Webcasting Platform 10 is the next generation webcasting platform that enables organizations to cost effectively, deliver content-rich, live and on-demand virtual training sessions that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. With a virtual sales enablement strategy, you can ensure that your sales teams are consistently updated on the latest competitive trends, market conditions, new products, sales tools and resources, while maintaining business continuity.

Webcasting: Bring Sales Training to the Field

If you can’t bring the field to the training, then you have to bring the training to the field. ON24 webcasting enables companies to deliver fully interactive, live or on-demand, sales training webcasts that can be customized for any audience. Platform 10 integrates support for media-rich applications including live chat, idea generation widgets for group collaboration, networking tools- like yammer, and automated polling, surveys and testing.

Get the Most out of Your Sales Training

By capturing live training sessions and offering them on-demand, management can avoid constantly re-teaching the same sessions and allow sales reps to view training at a time that is convenient for them. ON24 webcasting can be accessed from any device, including mobile devices, increasing convenience and availability of your content.

Virtual Sales Resource Center

Make it easier for your sales reps to get the training and content they need, by creating a three-dimensional, easy-to-navigate virtual sales resource center that can function as a central portal for all training webcasts sales enablement tools and content. The virtual sales resource center is a fully interactive experience allowing sales people to engage in chat or live sales forums, view live or on-demand training webcasts, and view or download the content they need, when they need it.

Complete back-end reporting provides key data on the virtual training results for your employees, including: completion of  training classes, total time of attendance, test and survey results. ON24 analytics provides sales management with the ability to gage the demand and effectiveness of available sales resources and training programs.

Next-generation Sales Enablement

  • In-depth sales training, without disrupting business continuity
  • On-demand training to meet scheduling needs
  • Increased lifespan of existing content and training
  • Interactive environments for live engagement
  • Support for mobile devices for easy access
  • Localization to support other language and sales teams in other countries/languages
  • Customized virtual training environments

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