Virtual Trade Shows & Events

Virtual Trade Show

Extend the Reach of Your Online Conferences & Virtual Events
ON24 Virtual Show delivers engaging and interactive virtual event and virtual environment solutions for applications ranging from sales enablement to customer communications to demand generation. Without ever leaving their desks, virtual global viewers can learn from keynote webcasts, research solutions, interact with exhibitors and network with their peers.

The ON24 platform provides a combination of an engaging environment, interactive features, and social networking enables you to take training, communications and marketing to the next level.


Open & Extensible Platform 10 Architecture

Virtual Show is built on ON24’s Platform 10 architecture that allows ON24 (and third-party developers) to create application-specific widgets – including social networking, training and enterprise communications – and seamlessly integrate them into ON24’s webcasting and virtual event solutions. With Platform 10, viewers can more easily consume content, network with their peers, and share their virtual experience with others. ON24’s Platform 10 allows extensive visual customizations and provides flexible functionality, all within a single technology.

Integrated Social Networking

ON24 Virtual Show provides a suite of interactive networking tools – including group and individual chat, scheduled discussions, message boards, business card exchanges, message centers and standard social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – which make it easy for attendees to connect with sponsors, their colleagues and other attendees. Without ever leaving their desks, Virtual Show participants can interact with exhibitors and communicate with peers using professional networking tools. This level of interaction builds and strengthens relationships and creates a more immersive and engaging virtual experience.

Engaging Design Options

Using ON24’s library of theme templates and custom designs, interactive and engaging 3D locations can easily be built. Custom locations can also be created using photographs or sketches of physical venues. These locations typically include dynamic “hotspots”, video greetings, live webcasts, social networking, and much more.

Online Registration & Reporting

With its complete registration system and ability to track attendee behavior, ON24 Virtual Show delivers robust reporting and analytics. Once the ON24 Virtual Show starts, the reporting engine captures a complete set of performance and attendee activity details, and delivers online real-time reports for both virtual trade show and virtual event producers and exhibitors.

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