Leveraging B2B content, taking lead generation to the next level.

Organizations invest significant resources in the development of their lead generation content. Often, however, these webcasts, podcasts and videos are underutilized. It is difficult to justify the costs associated with their production when they reach limited audiences and only for a short period of time.

The challenge facing marketers and lead generation managers is to more fully leverage existing rich media content, extending the reach and improving the ROI of these initiatives.


Insight24 from ON24 provides the ideal solution. It is the industry’s largest collection of on-demand B2B webcasts, podcasts and videos. Its directory contains more than 10,000 content items from over 350 companies in 35 categories. In addition, through its syndication network, Insight24 reaches more than 20 million unique viewers. The key benefit for participants is reaching more targets with existing rich media content, improving the return on their lead generation, marketing and communications investments.

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Reaching More Targets, Better Prospects

Insight24 reaches business and technical professionals involved in research and purchasing processes. These decision-makers use Insight24 to learn about industry trends and vendors and compare solutions. An Insight24 campaign specialist serves as the point person for a program running across multiple IT and business websites. Your rich media content appears on relevant sites and in newsletters. The leads that result are delivered based on your uniquely defined criteria.

Leveraging rich media content

Any B2B rich media content can be published on Insight24, including webcasts, podcasts, business videos, interactive demonstrations and audio slide shows. Viewers can access this content via the Insight24 website or by visiting an Insight24 syndication partner, as your content is placed directly on the appropriate syndication partner websites. The Insight24 syndication network is comprised of more than 40 partner websites, including PC World, Tom’s Hardware,, CustomerThink, Inside CRM and BeyeNetwork.

Improved lead generation program ROI

Because business and technical professionals use Insight24 to research products and compare vendors, Insight24 is able to deliver high-quality leads. Insight24’s lead filtering engine removes duplicates, validates email addresses, provides user viewing details and separates legitimate sales leads from “tire kickers.” Insight24 also features online reporting, giving you real-time online access to leads and providing detailed lead reporting that can be integrated into your CRM system.

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