Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial services institutions are faced with a number of critical communications challenges.

They have large numbers of professionally certified employees who require frequent training and re-certification and need to provide a constant stream of company information and updates to employees and partners.

Financial services companies also need an aggressive external communications strategy to update their clients and prospects on market conditions, investment opportunities and new services.

Why ON24?

Internal Communications: Increase efficiencies
Many financial services firms are turning to ON24 to deliver webcasts and virtual environments as a key tool in providing guidance, updates and information exchange between various business groups, partners, research analysts, brokers, management and account teams. ON24 webcasting increases daily efficiencies by enabling secure, real-time communications to create an interactive forum for morning calls, executive debriefs, launching daily coverage, CFO updates, company town halls and more.

Virtual Research Centers
It’s critical that brokers, fund managers, asset managers and account teams have instant access to the research and guidance that they need, when they need it. By utilizing the ON24 Virtual Briefing Center solution, financial institutions can create a central portal for presentations and content from research analysts and experts that can be easily accessed, on demand, from anywhere, on any device. Virtual Research Centers increase the accessibility and reach of important content and, with ON24 detailed analytics, effectively gauge the use and value of your research.

  • Research Analyst Webinars
  • Financial Reports and Guidance
  • Wealth Management Updates
  • Institutional Equity presentations
  • Asset Management Seminars

Create Virtual Client Centers
With the ON24 Virtual Briefing Center solution, financial services companies can create client centers that provide a central portal for updates, webcasts, and valuable market information. Virtual Client Centers are fully branded, interactive, 3-dimensional virtual environments that guide clients directly to the resources they need and provide a forum for real-time interaction with account teams and fund managers. Examples include:

  • Virtual Wealth Management Center
  • Virtual Treasury Management Center

Enhanced Lead Acquisition
ON24 webcasts provide detailed analytics that allow you to capture your webinar attendee’s behaviors, including webcasts viewed, time spent with each presentation, content downloaded, and the results of polls and surveys and Q&A, enabling you to put together a detailed profile of potential clients which dramatically increases the quality of the lead and the value of your marketing investment.

Training and Certification
It’s important for financial institutions to ensure that their accountants, analysts, and advisors receive the training and certification they need to effectively represent the company, without disrupting business continuity.

ON24 Webcasting Platform 10 provides financial companies with the ability to deliver high-quality live and on-demand training sessions to employees wherever they are in the world. ON24 webcasts are fully interactive, allowing trainers and employees to communicate through online Q & A and chat and support real-time polling, questionnaires, automated testing and certificate generation to satisfy CPE requirements.


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