Associations and other member organizations are faced with the challenge of providing messaging, content and training to an ever growing membership that is often hard to reach and geographically dispersed. As live member events become less effective, more associations are turning to ON24 to provide virtual communications as an important tool to deliver high-quality content to their members.

Why ON24?

Enhanced Communication, New Revenue Opportunities

As the global leader in webcasting and virtual events, ON24 provides associations the tools they need to cost effectively provide their members the resources and training they need regardless of location. Further, associations can create non-dues revenue opportunities by leveraging ON24 virtual communications to build exclusive member and non-member events.

Drive Recruitment with Virtual Communications

Marketing/Demand Generation

ON24 webcasting and virtual events can be leveraged to create recruiting presentations and events that can drive awareness and membership. Virtual recruitment events expand the reach of your messaging, and the life of your events.

Increase the Reach of your Industry Trade Shows

The ON24 virtual show extends the reach and value of physical trade shows, and industry conferences, by increasing the number of participants that attend a show and the amount of content that is consumed.

Virtual trade shows can be completely customized to replicate fully branded physical shows, with theaters for live or on-demand webcasting, exhibition areas for sponsor virtual booths, and networking lounges for attendee interaction. Virtual trade shows support applications for live chat, social networking and group collaboration to deliver a feature-rich fully interactive trade show experience.

Virtual Member Resource Center

It’s critical for associations to keep their members up-to-date with the latest information, presentations and training. By utilizing the ON24 virtual briefing center solution, associations can create a fully branded, 3-dimensional user portal, where members are guided to the presentations and content they need, when they need it.

Virtual resource centers can be quickly updated and support interactive tools such as live chat and user forums, for members that need to interface directly with association managers.

Increase “Non-dues Revenue” Opportunities

ON24 virtual communications also provides the platform to enable associations to create customized, revenue generating events, where value-added content and speakers can be presented as part of a branded event, including:

  • Educational or value-add webcasts
  • Branded virtual events
  • Priority Access for virtual resource centers